has any one seen these two parttern for sale in north america?

  1. Ohh so that's what Tutti and Transporto look like on bags! Cool!! I prefer the transporto..

    And no they're not available yet... we're supposed to get them in August or September.
  2. wow! the tutti print characters are so much BIGGER than i thought it would be...
  3. Yes, what Arisu said, the Zucca is in Tutti print due out later this month and the Campeggio is in the Trasporto print due out in late August/early September.

    I had pre-ordered a Zucca in Tutti just because I always get my bags in Zucca style since it's my favorite but was feeling kinda "blehh" about it, but this sample picture has me all excited now. :yahoo:

    The Trasporto is also looking better than I originally thought.
  4. there's a new/different qee on the tutti print!
  5. did anyone notice the qee on tutti :nuts: please tell me that's the new qee... w/ adios on the back surfing!!
  6. I'm liking the Tutti better than I thought! But I've thought Transporto was cute even from the sample.
  7. I didn't see a qee on the Trasporto...I really hope that it is the new Adios on that they have pictured on the Tutti. Does anyone know?

    My lack of knowledge is a bit embarrassing here.
  8. oh oh great. now my bank account is really going to empty!
  9. wow! i want a tutti bag now! the qee is so cute! and i want a transporto stellina, but pulse won't be getting any. i wonder where else i could get one...
  10. I love the tutti zucca! I totally want one now. I am also lusting after the transporto zucca too. I think I need to sell my yarn so I can buy these purses.
  11. Uggg... does Pulse have something against Stellinas?
  12. Wow, like others said, the Tutti print is bigger than I expected! I mean, a LOT bigger!! I wonder if the Cactus Kid and Mozzarella can both fit on nicely on the front of the bambinone I pre-ordered? They definitely don't look like they'd both fit on a denaro... I wonder if I should change my pre-order from a bambinone to a zucca...? The only reason I didn't get a zucca is because the print is SO white and the zucca is a large bag. Larger = more space for dirtyness!! *lol*

    As for the qee, if that is the new one, I don't like it... I like the Adios drawing on it, but I don't like the globe-headed qee itself.
  13. Ohhhh!! A REAL PIC! I want a new Qee!! I don't know how I feel about the tutti, I thought it would be smaller print. Looks kinda dull black in the pic. But maybe thats just a bad pic. I love the Transporto.:wtf:
  14. ^ Yea I'm not digging the round ball either.

    They should just shrink the new Adios toy and attach a key ring on it!!