Has any one seen the shopping bag??

  1. Hi there,
    I am looking for the shopping bag (the tote style not the purse). Has anyone seen this one at stores yet this season? also, does anyone have one and can it be easily worn over the shoulder? For reference, I have the purse and can wear that over my arm if I have something light on, but not with a jacket. I am hoping the straps on the shopping bag are a bit longer. Thanks!
  2. I like this thread. I have entertained the idea of the Shopping, as well. I don't think it would bother me about there not being a zipper. It seems like a good tote-ish type bag.
  3. yes the shoppers handles are longer than the purse so def you can wear it over a coat:heart: :yahoo:
  4. Cal,
    Thanks for posting the thread with your pictures. I love how this bag looks on you and now I must own one!!
  5. I saw this at Barneys NYC a while back in ink and black--it definitely fits over a shoulder and the depth of it expands. It is open like a tote though, so if you want your things zippered, this wouldn't be for you. I thought it had really nice proportions, but I hesitated about the lack of zipper at the time. It's actually quite roomy though and not bulky, so I still haven't closed the door on the idea of one.
  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOO...I would love to have the ink!! I will have to call them later. thanks!
  7. There's an ink one on ebay (UK) at the mo - looks good too!
  8. That sensation...the seeing a photo and then the determination that I MUST own one, happens to me quite frequently here! ;)

    This size seems so versatile. If the bag is not as full, does it flatten a bit against the body?
  9. It does flatten against the body when empty. It doesn't sag at the top as the opening is hard. Unless it's quite full, it stays shut too.
  10. cal, it looks GREAT on you :girlsigh: