Has any one noticed a drop in price

  1. Hi, I was wondering if any other eBay sellers have been noticing that the bags are going for a lot less lately. At first I thought. well it was one of those things, but in the last month I have noticed a dramatic decline in the price I'm getting for my bags. I have 100% feedback and am a power seller so it's not my reputation. I'm am thinking it's because of the lawsuits against eBay and maybe people are scarred to get fakes. Could be that? It's getting to be scarey for me to put bags up and lose them such nominal amounts? anybody got any ideas about what's happening?
  2. Its probably a combination. Alot of people vacation this time of year. There have been more stories out about fakes and the word is getting out. Some people may be cutting back on luxery items with all thats going on today, too, i.e. gas prices and they make EVERYTHING go up. The war....all kinds of things affect different people. In the winter, too, people spend alot more time inside on the net.
  3. It's winter here in Australia now and eBay sales are really slow too :sad:
  4. I sure have noticed. I sold several bags recently and all went for less than expected, hoped, or is usual. There's been some discussion on this in another recent post re: slow sales on ebay, which I would link you to if I knew how (I'm a newbie who hasn't figured that one out yet).
  5. Maybe the demand of handbags or second hand handbags are declining as a whole?
  6. The US is a huge part of eBay...things will pick up in the Fall.
  7. On the other hand if you are looking to acquire...now is a great time! I've gotten some super bargains...but I am not posting my bags at all.
  8. Ya - I'm not doing any auctions for bags right now - just buy it nows - then if someone wants it - great - I'll auction when things pick up again.
  9. Yeah it's not even just bags, really, it's clothing and shoes too. Though I have to say the book sales are better-beach reads, perhaps? :shrugs:
  10. Bags go down in the Summer. Used bags go down around the holidays.
  11. The prices seemed to drop just after the 1st of June. I listed some in May and they sold well. I have a few others to sell but not now, just too low prices.
    Last year in late November and early December, the sales were sluggish. Wowza...just about 2 weeks before Christmas stuff went crazy! High prices! Everyone jumped on the bandwagon as last minute shoppers went nuts! Timing is eveything!:yes:

  12. All of you have very good points, maybe I should do buy it nows until things pick up. My auctions ended last night and I had a brand new with tags Coach Pleated hobo that went for $81, I was sick. Guess the girl who won it wasn't. A beautiful Isabella Fiore went for under $100. Ouch. But I am glad to know it's not something I'm doing wrong. Thanks for the imput ladies.
  13. Good times for buyers...
  14. I would also say the dept store sales are probably having an effect, most buyers are hitting the stores hoping to score and are probably short of cash now as a result.
  15. Definitely super slow and I've taken big losses on the last 2 bags I sold one of which was a rare collector Bbag. If I didn't need money right now so bad I definitely would have waited. The buyers are really making out right now.