has any one heard of diff colour letter keyrings?


Apr 6, 2008
hi all, just wondering if anyones seen any diff coloured letter keyrings as last week one of the sa told me that they would be making more of the letter keyrings again, but in diff colours and materials, she said she saw some in showroom in lilac spazzalato?...just curious...

also has anyone heard of a website called "mybagcity.com" do they actually sell authentic bags on that website? am confused as the bags look real but the prices are just too cheap, seems fishy. are these bags for renting?
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Sep 20, 2008
Oh that sounds really nice Sami!! I would love one in spazzalato. Nice, thanks for the info.

And I advise keeping well away from that website - few warning flags, western union payments, contact details for them is email address only, and their legal section is dodgy. And by their own admission on the website they are selling fakes (but they reckon it is made by the same people who make the originals lol) - sure....