Has any one had sciatica?

  1. Ok so I am starting to get a little fed up now.

    I got sciatica 3 weeks ago tomorrow, the intense pain I had getting in and out of bed, sitting, and in general moving has gone but I still have pain in that buttock/hip/thigh area and a general backache each time I try to do any thing that includes bending in the slightest.

    If any one else has had this just how long does it take to heal?

    I want to get back to the gym!:cursing:
  2. In my heavier days, I had repeated bouts of sciatica. One episode caused me to be bedridden for four days! It doesn't surprise me that after three weeks you're still hurting off and on. Honestly, I don't know how long it takes to "heal", because everyone heals differently and all kinds of movements seem to reaggravate the problem. I would talk to your doctor. They might have some sort of pain management solution.
  3. I get what is called "Active Release Techniques" done on my entire body! I have a ton of health problems due to my vocation (I am a hairstylist), I have degenerative disc disease and both of my ankles have been broken and reconstructed. This is the only thing that has been able to help ESPECIALLY with my Sciatica. It is a very aggressive therapy that helps break up the adhesions in the muscle. It can be quite painful as the Dr. really digs into the problem areas. You can search for a practicioner in your area by Googling "Active Release Technique". Try it!!! I found it only after I had tried everything else, including weekly Lidocaine injections in my back and neck!! YUCK! Good luck!
  4. well it depends what is causing it, i had sciatic nerve pain and it kept getting worse and wasnt going away and it turned out i had a herniated disc which wound up needing surgery,, but before i knew this it went on for 6 months with me barely able to move
    so dont just wait for it to get worse find out what it could be
    i started going to physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, and turns out that was all making it worse so be careful what you start to do before you find out what it could be and how serious! goodluck
  5. Yes, I had it pretty bad during my first pregnancy. My OBGYN told me to eat lots of bananas (I guess potassium deficiency can be a cause) and once I started that, the pain disappeared.

    You should see a doctor though for a physical exam. It could be a herniated disc or some kind of nerve compression due to prolonged sitting. I know there are several other causes too.
  6. The sciatica was caused by a herniated disk which according to my x-rays I had last week has now repaired, but Im still in pain,

    My mum said it takes approx 6 weeks for it to "leave" the body, but Doc says should be better by now so I dont know. I have been put on vallium and if that does not help then I have to see an orthopedic specialist ( I have slight osteoarthritis).

    Oh well guess it will be a bit longer.
    thanks for all your advice xxxx
  7. Yes. MIne has no rhyme or reason when it comes and goes. It also stays for varied periods of time.
    I'm so sorry you're suffereing. It is an annoying as hell pain.
    My mom gets it so bad she visits a chiropractor (sp?) and that helps her during the bad bouts.
  8. I'm bumping this because I'm guilty of letting my back pain go on for over 2 years. I had a doctor who wrote me off. I wanted to say that if you have pain of any kind and someone writes you off, please see someone who will listen. I've done so much damage and now will have to have surgery sometime next week. The herniated disc is a very large gap and I have another area that is bulging. It's not worth it to sit around and wait. I hope by posting this, others will not make the same mistake I made. Thanks for reading. Sorry for bumping an old thread.
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    I had very similar pain last year. Started with lower back pain, then went straight to the hip and I could not walk, could not sleep, and no amount, or strength, of pain killers helped. Went to 2 doctors within 2 days; both said sciatica ... asked the second doctor if physiotherapy would help and he wrote me a referral. Went straight to the nearest physio who properly diagnosed it as a herniated disc. After one physio treatment and a day of the exercises she gave me, I was no longer in pain and was able to walk, albeit at a VERY slow pace. Had physio treatments and exercises to strengthen for the next 2 months and now am good as new :smile: No surgery required, but I do have regular exercises to do to make sure the area remains strong, so that it does not happen again. I was also probably lucky that I started physio within 2 days of the back/hip pain starting, which made the recovery period much shorter than it could have been.

    All that to say, try physio, it can do wonders and possibly avoid the surgery route, if started early enough.
  10. ^ I fully agree^ use surgery as a last resort. I waited 2 years 2 long. Also, my herniated disc is so big that conservative measures won't work. I've also lost feeling in certain area. So, if all other measures fail then surgery may be the only option. Wish I had done something sooner.
  11. Don't give up on finding someone to take this seriously. Valium isn't going to heal anything.

    I had very bad sciatica. They told me it usually self-corrects within a certain amount of time (I wish I could recall the length of time). However mine never went away despite PT, chiropractic care, massage, special myofascial release, etc. Mine was caused by a bit of disc pressing on the nerve and I had a microdisectomy to remove it and gently put the nerve back where it's supposed to be. The first week post-surgery was painful but after it healed I've had no further problem. Still have a bad back but that's from degenerative disc disease and OA.

    There should be some treatment or procedure to help you. Good luck!
  12. I had it REALLY bad recently--I couldn't even sleep! I was doing a lot of heavy squats at the gym, and I must have irritated that terrible nerve! I had to stop doing my strength exercises and rest, which made me crazy, and I took advil to reduce the inflammation, and put heat on it, and stretched a LOT. It's better, but not completely gone--I'm starting to think it will always bother me.
  13. Two years ago or so my mother mentioned that her doctors said she had it. She went for acupuncture and she's all better now!

    I know it's weird but she swears by the acupuncture now, and her acupuncturist is very skilled and professional, she's treated many illnesses and disorders with the therapy.

    Maybe give it a try?