Has any one had a kidney infection???

  1. I was treated last week for a kidney infection. It was pretty severe, had the cold shaking chills, headache, a fever with lots of sweating and a consistent pain in my right side. The doctor gave me antibiotics and a shot in the butt. The fever and headache went away after three days. But the pain in my side has been there for a week now. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? My antibiotics are finished on Saturday so there is three days left. Should I wait it out? Or could it be something else that is wrong with me? Thanks for any advice!
  2. I had one years ago, but I have had things similar to it more recently.
    I am no expert or anything, but if the pain is not improved by saturday, I would give your doctor a call, perhaps it could be the wrong antibiotic, which I doubt since you noticed a decrease in the other symptoms. Do you also have burning and pain with urination? If you do, do you notice a decrease in that? Has the pain in your right side lessened since taking the antibiotic? Could there be a slight possibility of kidney stones? I would just wait until saturday and see if everything improves, then I would call your doctor. In the meantime, a heating pad works really well. Also, has the doctor given you any pain meds? I am taking vicodin right now for lower back pain from a urologic problem I am treating right now. I know the pain hurts. I hope you feel much better soon!
  3. I have had MANY..I would get tested for kidney stones(i just passed like my 30TH kidney stone on monday..I KID U NOT!
    Many times a stone doesnt pass and without treatment causes a kidney infection.Go to a urologist and get checked immediately.Those shakes and chills can get worse.BEEN THERE..I looked like I was having a seizure a few times when the infection was sooo bad.
    Hope u feel better..I know how sucky it can be..Trust me!
    Feel free to Pm me anytime!

  4. The pain has lessened and it is getting better. But I can still feel it. And it feels like it is moving toward the front now. I have no pain while urinating. One more day on the antibiotic and then I will call if it has not gone away completely. Thanks for the advice and also for reminding me about the heating pad. I actually have one and will use it tonight! No, there was no prescribed pain medication so I just take Tylenol. I may need something stronger!
  5. OMG, 30 kidney stones??? Wow, how does it feel when it passes? How do you know if it has passed? The shakes and chills have gone away completely after the first few days, but they were so violent one night, I thought I was having a seizure. Do you know what causes your kidney infections? And how long have yours lasted? How long does it take to pass a stone?

    Thanks for your advice Jill!
  6. ^If the pain is moving from your side(flank area) to the front of your groin..THATS usually a kidney stone being passed.I just passed one on Monday..LOL..no fun......still..get checked again.
  7. Oh that is fantastic to know. I am glad I have an idea. I thought that it would be more painful to have a stone though.
  8. I have read that passing a kidney stone is often compared to child birth, but then again, that of course depends on the size of the kidney stone. If you feel it moving to your front, then it probably is a kidney stone. There are a few procedures that they can do to help with the kidney stone passing, one which is non-invasive, is when they send shock waves of some sort through that area to break the stone into smaller pieces to make it pass easier. Also, regarding the pain meds, I am taking Vicodin right now for a urologic problem, and before I got the prescription, I was taking Tylenol, and it did NOTHING, so I would recommend if you still have pain to get a stronger prescription for pain meds. Urologic problems aren't fun, I hope you feel better really soon!
  9. I had one before and it's terribly painful, I couldn't walk, sit down, nothing. Please don't let it go, make sure you contact your doctor again and get them to run more tests.
  10. I've had kidney infections all my life, and recently I even passed a small stone. I was totally freaked because it was hard to pass, and it came out with lots of blood...
    If the doctor prescribed antibiotics, you must take them at least for 10 days.
    Also drink lots of water, cranberry juice, and avoid bubble baths. Stick with showers.
    You must do urine tests every month for the next 3 months to make sure the infection is gone. Its very important. I ruined my right kidney by avoiding the tests...
  11. I actually went in for a CT scan yesterday. I should find out the results on Monday. I still feel the pain every once in a while. But it is not as intense. I also tested negative for infection on Monday. So now it is a wait and see.
  12. What happened to your kidney? And do I go to the doctor for these tests each month? I had a urine test on Monday. The infection was gone. I drink lots of water no matter what but I have avoided bubble baths, the hot tub and alcohol for the most part. I am ready to feel 100%. It has been over 2 weeks now.
  13. The doc should have given you some pain killers aswell you poor thing! I was hospitalised luckily when I had an infection, they gave me lots of co-codamol, which worked a charm.

    Just keep an eye on it, drink lots of water and cranberry juice.
  14. ^My kidney does not function as good as the left one, because it was the one that had the infections all along... If I get pregnant I may have problems. However humans can live normal with only 1 kidney working. You should go to a clinic, a doctor, or a microbiologist every month for the test. In Athens most ppl go to independed labs, or to the clinic. It depends on your area and your doc.
  15. Okay, thanks lily!! I am now scheduled to go to the radiologist for a renal ultrasound on Friday. They found something, but they are not sure what it is! I'll keep you all informed.