Has any one ever had anything shipped Royal Mail?


Sep 19, 2006
My b-bag is being shipped that way and cost 27 GDP to ship it. I am finding the price to be a bit much as I have paid fed ex less money and the bag took less time to get here. The tracking # works sort of but I have no idea if the bag is still sitting in the post office or if it has left yet. :cursing: The seller said 7 days which would be Monday but it would be nice to know if the bag is even in transit yet. I am going to call about it this morning to see what a real person has to say about things. I can only imagine what this call will cost me. I just think paying almost $70 US in shipping it a bit much as US global priority will only take 3-5 days and costs less. Oh well :shame:

I just am a bit worried because I am hoping the bag is as nice as what was described by the seller. Plus it is the most I have spent on a b-bag so I am nervous!!
I've looked into it before and found it to be pretty pricey if you want stuff like expedited delivery, tracking, and insurance. All these things are important to me when I buy a Bbag internationally (plus I've never had a customs issue with them, whereas FedEx hit me hard) so I view it as part of the price.

Whadja get, Meemie?:graucho:
I had things shipped to me via Royal Mail and the int. signed for is pretty pricy.
You must know that in most european countries the postal services are way more expensive!

Fedex or UPS a bag with insurance from France to US is 80 /100 EUROS
Mail is more about 35 to 50 euros depending on weight and insurance
Thanks girls!!! You made me feel better it is the signature confirmed as well. It will be interesting to see the whole customs thing as she did insure that bag.

My biggest worry was the bag would come while I was away this weekend and hubby would let it sit out all that time.
Hi! I regularly post to the US and give buyers two options: -

Royal Mail International Signed-For is a standard service with only partial tracking and delivery usually between 4-7 working days. This would cost between 15 and 20 GBP depending on the weight without insurance and 20-25 with insurance of 500 GBP. To fully insure we have to disclose the full value on the customs form and if we do that then the buyer will get almost always get taxed (unless the customs guys miss it ;) )

I rather send my parcels to the US using Parcelforce Datapost or DHL because those services are tracked all the way and are express 2-3 days guaranteed delivery. I am more comfortable then to mark the value down if my buyer requests me to do so because of the sturdy tracking and express delivery I feel safe. This service is really expensive (45-55GBP) but the flip side is that there will be no customs because the value can be marked down.

This is just general rule of thumb and depends on how comfortable I feel with the whole transaction in the first place.

UK postage is much more expensive than US postage unfortunately :sad:

When you get your parcel you will be able to see how much it cost to ship and I would suggest that you ask for a partial refund if the seller has over-charged :yes:
i had my marni bag shipped from UK seller through royal mail
don't know the fee though cause it's included on the auction price. but the shipping was quite fast, although one of the wooden handle broke on the process :cursing: