Has any of the colored BV ever get discoloration?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting the Orchid Veneta... but worry and wondering too, if the color will get discoloration over time?
    Please fill me in!! Thanks!!
  2. As you can see, I have a number of colored BVs and so far so good! No discoloration or color transfers... and I've had some of them for the past 2-3 years.
  3. that's really a lovely colour, saw it on hgbags & am very impressed! all the best in getting it :smile:
  4. TDL, what about metallic color? will it wear off (just like my chloe paddington)?
  5. ^^^^ BV does mettalics with different treatments depending on the leather. I recently purchased a Platino Ossidato Cabat (vintage gold color, Barcelona calf leather) and based on what I'm hearing from all previous owners, it's indestructible!

    There are other kinds like Ottone (gold, goatskin), Ossidato in Cervo leather (deerskin), Copper Rame, Original Armatura and Elephant Armatura (nappa with mettalic/foil treatment and laser finish), Reflet, etc... Check out the ff. thread for more info.

  6. I would add that although the Barcelona (platino ossidato) Cabat seems indestructible (the leather is so very hardy) and is unlikely to show wear, I think it's more because this metallic treatment looks antiqued and weathered at the outset. I've had mine for about 10 months and it still looks like it did when new, BUT that doesn't mean that the finish hasn't worn off anywhere. It might have worn off in some places (I haven't actually checked), but I wouldn't notice it if it did because the finish is so variegated from the hand-finishing.

    As for the other metallic finishes, I don't have any personal experience with them, but I've read some reports here that the reflect and lasered treatments (armatura, copper rame) have shown darkened areas where the finish rubbed off, such as on the handles. Others report no problems at all. Your experience may vary.

    -To petot, I am considering something in orchid, too, and I wonder how the color will go over time, too. I think it's too new of a color that anyone would have any sort of report on this yet. But I will say that some of my colorful BV pieces do change over time, and I think it's a function of how much it is worn and handled. For example, I have a red BV wallet that I've used but not abused--I rotate it with other wallets. The color has become somewhat richer/darker than when new. I happen to like how it has aged, but it was a rich color to start. I also have an orange cosmetic case and it still looks as bright as brand new, but I haven't used it as much as the wallet. If it were to darken over time, I tend to think it would probably look more dirty than rich, but only time will tell.
  7. Blueiris: Thx for ur input!
  8. My mother has several older BV bags (1979-1985 ish) and of them:
    The cream/taupe has developed a patina over the years to a pretty pale gold.
    The nero bags - one looks like new, another has developed a slightly lighter area along the upper straps.
    Burgundy and red have also developed a patina.
    Now, none of these bags were treated with applecare or anything else. They are conditioned and cleaned thoroughly, but nothing else.

    I think that gradually orchid will become slightly darker. It will develop a patina not unlike the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel over the centuries.
  9. Recently got the san marco karung with twists of metallic leather in it.. the bag is

    medium in color.. and so far so good.. perhaps the bag might develop a

    patina, but to me that is what gives a bag its interest
  10. i have an ottone cabat and so far perfect. i have had it about 2 years but it is very special to me and i do take care of it but not baby it. i also do not use it every day-
  11. A friend has one of the cervo metallic bags and it has shown considerable wear over the 2 years she's had it. She's about to retire it because it looks pretty sad now. This is an ossidato cervo. She doesn't treat it delicately but you know, no bag lasts forever.
  12. well, if you care for your bag don't let it get caught in bad weather

    rain, etc. and condition it , perhaps it will last longer..
  13. I think the Orchid is dark enough that it isn't going to show a lot of wear just from day to day use... I have a Carmino (red) BV that is about the same darkness and after two years it doesn't have any noticeable wear - the handle might have darkened slightly but overall it still looks amazing and I expect Orchid to wear similarly.
  14. No matter how good a metallic is - it will rub and wear down.
  15. I also have an ossidato cervo that's a couple of years old, but it hasn't shown any wear yet. How has hers worn? Is it less shiny? ... because I would love it if mine got duller.