Has any noticed that LV has totally ripped off BBags?

  1. Honestly the new Kangaroo from Louis Vuitton is blatently a rip off of the distressed leather and in some cases, the shape of BBags.

    I am a bit disappointed with LV for this -- including the fact that while it may be Kangaroo leather, they are charging $2000 for a bag the size of their Sac Plat.
  2. woah - made of kangaroo leather? i thought they were protected animals...

    i haven't been able to see the style to compare them to bbags, though.
  3. whatever... LV leather is not in the same galaxy as Balenciaga leather. let them rip off every designer, it really adds to the brand's prestige dontcha kno?

  4. No, they are not. they are a lot of kangaroos in Australia. Even considered pests by farmers. We sell kangaroo meat.
  5. Correct :yes:

    The meat is eaten in restaurants and all...

    I think you do have to have a permit to hunt them, as they are a native Australian animal, but yes, they are everywhere and do cause trouble for farmers!

    Although, I couldnt bring myself to own a kangaroo leather bag :sad:
  6. [​IMG]

    Save the kangarooooosss!!
  7. I think pigs are cute too but I still eat bacon :upsidedown:
  8. mmm i love bacon....
  9. Sammydoll you made me laugh - very cute!
    I like TURKEY bacon...
    :biggrin: :back2topic:
  10. awwwww.... that's mommy Kanga and Little Roo....:heart:
  11. I think the rivet bags look more like a Balenciaga rip off more than the kangaroo ones.
  12. I LoVe my LV's just as much as the next person... but i just saw all the styles coming out in spring on the LV board... talk about overload! A lot of the bags priced at more than $1500 (like those LoVe totes) dont even LOOK like a bag that would cost that much, and the rivet bags looks pretty cheap as well.

    I actually like the Kangaroo bags, but once again, $2500+ for a bag that probably cost the same to make as a much nicer Balenciaga that costs half that price?

    You could say the fakes have made LV lose their exclusiveness, but with all these overpriced cheap looking bags, it's a stretch to say it's not at all self-inflicted.

    :yes: Balenciaga is where my LoVe is... :love:
  13. Shame on you LV. I was discusted in LV prices when I found out their Monogran was canvas - ewww PLEATHER!!! I will never own an LV. Plus there are soooo many fakes on the streets, it's cheap and gross!
  14. I wouldn't buy a kangaroo bag & I do think that the lambskin Rivet is very like Balenciaga City, I still love it though & think it is nicer!
  15. Kangaroos??? That is sad.