has any moved onto Hermes since the price increase?


Jul 1, 2020
Personally I was looking for a classic medium flap (I started my collection with a vintage square mini), and I can't find anything I like for the price on the pre-loved market. Anything new is $6000+ especially with caviar leather. Hermes is always something unattainable for me but after doing some research, some vintage kelly are around the same price as a Chanel medium classic flap. What would you choose?


Aug 28, 2018
Personally I would buy what ever you will use. If you buy an Hermes will it sit on the shelf as an expensive decoration? If you will use a Chanel though I would go with that. Frankly I have no interest in buying another Birkin. I have come to accept I am NOT a hand carry person. I need a longer strap for shoulder at a minimum. I usually use my crossbody purses the most!
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