Has any had a Copper IUD ??Pease help

  1. I had a copper iud put in about 6 months ago, first 3 months I had no problem at all, then the last 3 months a have had a period non stop, everyday, very heavy at times, I have been on every other birth control, pills, ring,etc..This is my last option, I aslo do not have insurance, so I can just keep running to the doctor, and I know that the doc will just want to switch me again, but I like the fact that I have lost 10 lbs, which I am pretty sure can from the BC pills, I just want to know if anyone else had this problem and when will it go away, my hubby says what's the piont of being on birth contol when you can not have sex because of the heavy bleeding ..? I do feel bad for him ..Aslo I do not have any kids, Can Any One HELP????
  2. you probably want to post this in the Health & Fitness Subforum :yes: .... I'm sure any of the lovely people there have advice for you :flowers:
  3. I had a IUD but never had heavy bleeding except once a month. It might not be lodged right and could cause you to hemorage or get pregnant. You probably need to check with doctor. I had one come out before too...
  4. wow Ive had one for years and haven't experienced anything like this. I really think you need to go have it checked at the doc because something is not right, that should not be happening. I know you said you dont have insurance but this really isnt right, it needs to be checked asap.
    If you dont want to switch Id ask if your doc could just check its position, it may have not been placed correctly.
  5. I had a copper IUD and I could not tolerate it at all. I ended up with an infection and had to take it out. Unlike you, I was only bleeding sporadically but eventually had so much pelvic discomfort that I had to have it removed. Later, when we began trying to have a baby, the scar tissue left over from the infection clogged up my Fallopian tubes and only complicated matters further. Thankfully, all that's behind me now, but ugggggghhh NEVER AGAIN!
  6. I have a Mirena IUD, which has a small amount of hormone and doesn't have the side effects of hormonal BCPs and the shot. I bled the first three months nonstop, but not after that. I think what you have is something different. I would definitely see your doctor.
  7. Thank You Lady's for your input, I am going to go to the doc, I hope there isn't any thing really wrong!! And she tells me that is kind of normal, I hope she does not tell me to switch AGAIN, then I am out about $700, for 6 months of birth control, That should have last 12 years, OUCH,... Maybe it's time for Honey to get snipped, (Ha Ha) but we do want kids some day, maybe,.. Why is it that there are SOOO many different kinds of birth control, but none are so great,?? They all seem to have there problems.. Trying to find the one that gives you the least side effects is a roller coaster.
  8. My mother is a midwife and she HIGHLY recommends the Mirena IUD by Berlex/now Bayer health to her patients who have or want an IUD. Pills I know she recommends Yaz (no generic) or Mircette(this one also has a generic) Hope this helps.