has any ebay seller treated you like idiots?

  1. so i have been eyeing this auction on ebay and asked her more questions and pics. I think this is normal since i have to do my hw as a buyer.
    but then she turned around and told me that i should ses how good her feedback is and that she is mprs, and told me to see mypoupette.com like i am an idiot :censor:
    sorry for being so upset. i just think that being nice to customer is kinda important.
    i was just trying to do my hw. did i do something wrong?
    ps: if i posted this in the wrong spot, please let me know.
  2. I don't think you did anything wrong. I always reply promptly to questions I get when I sell on eBay, and I'm not even a "professional" seller; I look at it as part of the sale.
    You should ask her what "my poupette" and "mprs" means. (This might remind her that many people are never even heard of them, and that it won't mean anything to them). I myself actually don't know... I've only heard the words mentioned a couple times... :smile:
  3. Some sellers on eBay are just like that. It's like they get offended if you question them. It's annoying.
    You definitely didnt do anything wrong! Some people are just cranky ;)
  4. i just dont understand it. i think good business need good customer service.
    i was gonna buy something from her, but now i changed my mind.
    she also made it sounds like i am gonna steal her precious date code pic? :wtf:
    well, whatever, i took her out of my fave seller list, and will never ever buy things from her.:rant:
  5. Its her loss. With ebay, sellers have to realise that it is not like walking into a high end shop, we HAVE to ask lots of questions, because if we don't we could end up paying our hard earned money on a fake bag.
    It is rediculous of her to just say she is MPRS, so what! that means she should not have to answer questions?
    Save your money for somebody that appreciates your custom :smile:
  6. thanks gals... i feel better now.
    just want5ed to make sure i did thing correctly.
  7. Oh yeah. I've asked a few sellers about birkins and they got huffy telling me I had no business questioning them because I don't have any feedback. What does feedback have to do with questions about merchandise?
  8. I've been many times. I ask if they can take a picture of the tag and they say "NO" or "It is authentic" or "Why do you need it?" - I go to another seller in this case.
  9. You should ask as many questions as you'd like. I'm a casual seller on ebay (typically the "final sale" bags I've changed my mind on), and am happy to answer as many questions as necessary. I do get kind of annoyed with tens of international questions when I specify that I only ship to the US ("do you ship to Taiwan? " "...to Singapore?" etc. etc.), but love questions about the bag itself. I've found that those who ask the most questions are the most interested and help bid the piece higher, especially if I post the questions and answers. I'd be wary of those who don't want to answer your questions about the authenticity of the product. Those who need to be defensive are the ones who get the most defensive!
  10. I have that experience to get my FIRST Hermes, as i didn;t want to wait that long, so I decided to check on ebay. I asked her/he if she can provided me more pictures, because all pictures she/he put just basic pictures. I asked if she/he has a tag or how she/he gets this bag,etc. I have no clue that you do need tons of feedbacks to talk to "important" sellers on ebay. well, how do I know, it's not like I am seller or whatsoever on ebay. My ebay feedback is less than 10 and her/his respondence was not only rude but she/he was like, "yeah, look at my feedback and look at yours". What it has to do with feedbacks ?? She/he doesn;t even answer my questions at all. When I brought the issue to her/his, the sellers get really mad to me and was telling me to stop asking rubbish otherwise she.he will report me to ebay. I was like, on what reasons you want to report me. But I decided not to waste my time to do so and will never purchased anything from this seller even if she/he offers very cheap Hermes. This seller lost their business with me. Now, did I do something wrong ?? I won;t want to spent like $ 12,000 without asking any questions at all. I though as part of sales that you do need to be nice to your buyer. :rant::rant:
  11. I understand the feedback concern, as many of us would not consider buying from a seller with very low feedback on a high priced item.
    imo I know that some people only conduct transactions when it's something that they really really want, and others like me have been wasting money on ebay for six years.

    I do agree that just because some one does not have extrememly high feedback, it does not give a seller the right to be accusatory or rude.

    I think the issue with low feedback, is that its very easy to get email addresses and then sign up for ebay with them.
  12. well, its not even about low feedback.
    with me, this woman makes it sounds like i sell fakes and i will steal her photo.
    she watermarked all her other photos, so why cant she watermark this one.
  13. I really hate rude sellers on Ebay. I once asked a seller for more pics of certain parts of the bag. She responded very rudely saying that if I'm asking for pics to determine authenticity that she had already stated in her auction that the bag was authentic and not to question her! Needless to say, I decided not to buy from her.

    That was incredibly rude of that seller to tell you to look at her feedback and see that she is MPRS instead of just answering your questions and accomodating you with the pics. You did nothing wrong.
  14. Which seller is this? I feel that regardless of feedbacks, sellers should never be rude to buyers. I've had experience in dealing with international buyers with ZERO feedbacks. They are often more reliable than some other buyers with more feedbacks ... feedbacks definitely aren't everything. I feel that it's always important to communicate and get a feel for things before jumping too quickly to conclusion (applies to both seller's and buyer's side). Anyways, I'm of the mentality that the customer is always right, if I want their business, the least I can do is to be courteous.