Has anlyone seen the new "Dune" Mini Lin stuff yet?!

  1. TIA! I am just wondering what color it looks like IRL!:yes:
  2. i haven't seen the new stuff...but I have seen the color...
  3. ^what does it look like?
  4. [​IMG]

    they already have shoes in that color that were released recently. I asked my SA id this was the new color of the mini lin and she said yes
  5. ^thanks! Does it have a greenish tint to it, or more ivory/natural?
  6. ohh i hope it's more ivory/natural, that'll be SOO pretty!
  7. ^me too!!

    The reason I am unsure though is bc in a previous thread, a TPF member said they thought it had a greenish tint to it?!?!

    I am soooo rooting for ivory! LOL
  8. i would say kinda greenish...but not grass green, more like a light olive tint
  9. Its cute! I love those shoes.. I'm excited to see the new color.
  10. Couturegrl, What are you getting?:graucho:
  11. I saw pictures that weren't very good at the store but it looked more natural?

  12. I am *thinking* about getting the Speedy 30...only if it is more ivory, though...I am not a huge "green" fan:sad:

    UGH the suspense!! LOL I can't wait to see it IRL!

    What are you getting, Pinki?!:graucho:
  13. anyone know if it will come in the bucket bag? would totally be a huge fan...
  14. I'm on the wait list for the bucklet, saumur, and noe.
    The wait is killing me! Now I have to wait list for the
    framboise heart to use as a charm.
    I think the color will be more of a sandy white.;)
  15. wow..Can't wait to see it in speedy..