Has an SA ever asked to BUY one of your bags???

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  1. I was at a Saks recently at the chanel make up counter and the SA loved the clutch I was carrying so we started talking and she wanted to know which bags I had and I told her - i guess I have around 20 or so ... and she asked me if I would sell one to her!!!

    Is that normal??? First I am NEVER going to part with my chanels except for ONE that for some reason I was given as a gift and I just dont like it ... so that I was looking to sell at a consignment store ... should I sell it to the SA? I got it this year ... it is one of those with the diagnol CCs - the small one in black lambskin ... I am sure the price is 1300 at least ... what would I even charge her???
  2. Wow that's a really strange question for the SA to ask of you. Are they not able to use their discount on whatever bag they like?
  3. i always wondered that if an SA for a department store can use the discount on the bags.

    i think you should sell it to her. i mean what could it hurt ? except to fund you a new bag :p thats how i seee it
  4. ^I heard somewhere that they can only use their discount on certain items, not the whole store. I always wondered though what the discount is and what not.
  5. i wonder what Chanel SAs discounts are too. that is a weird question LOL... but hey if you don't use the bag, sell it.

    missisa07 i know my dads friend who works as a computer guy for Chanel gets to choose any bag once a year for 65% of the retail so 35% off. but they also have events where its like only $100 or $200 bags that weren't too popular that year but its always end of season. like he got her daughter a pink ultra soft or whatever its called for an unbelievable price.
  6. I know people at Bloomingdales can get their usual employee discount of 20% off for Chanel bags and periodically (monthly?) they get what they call 20/20 or an additional 20% off their employee discount. Makes you want to work for Bloomies huh??
  7. I say sell it to her and do a good deed!
  8. I think that bag retailed $1595 I believe .... diagonal CC flap in small?
    It's kind of weird selling it to your SA isn't it? Was she really serious?

    Cheapmommy - Bloomingdales discount rocks! But they have an awful selection. I hope the next discount they will have something I really like.
  9. my Chanel SA once said she would buy my cerises speedy from me. hehee. does that count?
  10. I agree with ohhMRmagazine, I'd sell the bag to her.
  11. You better off selling any item directly than through consignment because there consignment is going to take commission.
  12. Not an SA, but in Chanel at Selfridges yesterday, another customer asked about my Ultimate Soft and then enquired whether it was available. When the SA said 'not at the moment here', the other customer asked me if I would contact her should I ever decide to sell the Ultimate Soft which was sweet but unusual!
  13. Sell it to her so you can have xtra money to buy another one you love!!!

    Both of you will end up happy and it is win/win. If the price was $1595, I would sell it for less than 1/3 off if it is mint and unused with all cards and boxes etc.

    So around $1000
  14. to the first part of your post, that is very weird of the SA to ask about purchasing one of your bags and secondly it is very unprofessional.
    However, if u really do not want the bag, check out the retail value and what it might be going for on eBay that way u would be able to offer it at a reasonable price and of course have more $ to buy yourself something u want.
  15. Hm, that is definitely very weird, BUT, a purse addict is a purse addict! We come in all forms. I say sell it to her. Nothing to lose!