Has all of these sales & this website in general....

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    I LOVE this website - but I think my bank account and happiness were more
    plentiful before I met it, unfortunately.

    Lately I can't stop thinking about bag and sales. WTH!!!
    I'm thinking I need help. Do we obsess over this website because
    we have addictive personalities? I'm not usually like this!
  2. let me tell you....i should really be working. I check this site and sales ALL THE TIME. while at work...as soon as I get home...I am really beginning to question my sanity....It is such a rush though to get an awesome bag at a retarded price.....I think the first step is admitting you have problem....I am just glad I am not the only one !
  3. yes!!!! i have been obsessed with lv since reading the boards. my mom thinks i'm nuts. it's a little scary.

    on the upside, i want a new lv bag so bad i have been better about buying other things but on the other hand i have no desire to shop for the holidays! lol
  4. I like reading this blog it's fun and sometimes when you have nothing to do at work.....it passes your time. On the other hand....I never even considered buying a Balenciaga bag before and now after reading the posts on this forum......I am dying to purchase one when I visit New york the holidays...So i think this forum is definately bad for your bank account :lol:
  5. I agree, this site is putting me in debt, but I can't stop either. I keep wanting more! Could be worse though, we could be a bunch of crackheads. lol.
  6. Crack would probably be cheaper! haha
  7. I keep refresing this page every 5 minutes. This paper that I'm writing is supposed to take me less than an hour. Except - after 2 hrs, I'm not even half way done because I've got 5 windows open of sites with sales and full carts.


  8. exactly. I am totally nonproductive and broke. bad combination.
  9. it's purse $%^ (ryhmes with corn). seriously.
  10. :roflmfao:

  11. seriously, i've been checking this site and looking for deals CONSTANTLY!! I don't get as much work done in the past few days and I see my credit card bill climbing and climbing....

    I'm so addicted~~~
  12. i swear it is. i love it but all the modeling pics. it's sort of hilarious.
  13. This site has definitely made me broke. i see sales that i would have never known of and then i HAVE to shop. its sick. that said its saved me money too.
  14. whew. i thought i killed this thread.
  15. AGREED!! I spent over $150 at Kiehls. Hello, Kiehls?!?! But i keep thinking, oh it's such a great deal or OMG this is a steal. At one point last week I had ever purchase justified.

    This week, I'm seeing my CC statements and I'm like, Oh right, it all adds up.