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  2. I mainly wear a 2.5-3" heel - either a block heel or a wedge. I don't like flats or sneakers (other than for running to the grocery store or athletic wear). But I do want some lengthening of my short legs. A comfortable low to mid stable heel is as comfortable for me as a flat shoe.
    I find it hard to understand how anyone (esp if not very young) can wear those really high skinny heels.
    Glad to see this trend. However, I personally find the trend of the chunky white sneaker ugly.
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  3. I love them all! Sneakers, heels, wedges...
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  4. The shout-out to Swedish Hasbeens in the articles speaks to me -- those have been my preferred heel of choice for a couple years. I have to pull out professionally-appropriate mid-height heels every once and a while, but my days of needle-point 5" stilettos are done (thank goodness). And it's amazing to feel validated in those choices (the second one wasn't so much a choice as my feet flat out rebelling) by fashion culture; I don't mind going against the crowd but it's nice to not feel stared at for flats in the office.

    Agreed with the oversized sneakers comment above, though. I don't live somewhere that's very hyped on fashion, though, so I rarely see the high-fashion versions of those in the wild -- so I'm mainly over seeing them relied upon by influencers & celebrities.
  5. I'm only 5'0 tall and wore 5-6 inch heels my entire career. I had tons of high- heel shoes, sandals and boots from major designer brands in all different styles, shapes and colors- the taller the better! With my height, a sexy high heel shoe completed every outfit and made me feel like a million dollars. Fast forward to 2 years ago when a back injury basically forced me to revaluate my choice of footwear. The first 6 months were tough - I lost my "swagger" and people noticed. 1.5 years later and I don't remember the last time I wore heels. I live in slip on sneakers/loafers and find function over fashion so much more comfortable and enjoyable.

    I'm so glad that flats are in style. While wearing flats was not my choice, per se, it's so much easer and better on my body that I don't think I can ever go back to wearing heels. The good news is that all those heels were sold to fund some new bags :smile:
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  6. I no longer like high heels. Just not comfortable. Definitely wear more sneakers for casual looks. I don’t like complete flats as not enough support unless it’s like a boot style like a combat boot. Particularly as we age, I think most woman I know do away with the very high heels.
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  7. I like all types of shoes. For workdays I can wear heels as I sit a lot and don't have to walk far, but I wear flats or low heels much of the time, I can't do a stiletto heel everyday. If I'm going out on the weekend, like errands and shopping, I will wear a block heel or wedge or a flatter shoe, I have my flatter go-to's when it's going to be a LOT of walking.
  8. I still love heels but since I moved to NYC a few years ago heels have become a rare occurrence. When I lived in Florida I drove everywhere and walking was minimal so I wore heels regularly. Here I walk everywhere, I go up and down subway stairs, I stand to wait for the train and often stand IN the train; that's no life for heels. Despite what Carrie Bradshaw led us to believe, women running around in high heels in NYC is not actually the norm, and lately sneakers, especially white (non-dad) sneakers are everywhere. I can live with that.
    I still love heels, and buy them every now and then if they are really special, but have gone much more in the way of flats, very small heels, or block/stacked heels. Even uncomfortable flats are a nuisance.
  9. Yeah... so nope!

    I adore high heels. And, I don’t find them the least bit uncomfortable because... duh ... I don’t buy uncomfortable shoes.

    Heels get a bad rep because people put fashion before comfort. So, they mince around in sky high narrow Christian Louboutins (or insert any other uncomfortable heel) vs. being unwavering in only buying heels that are actually wearable. They exist. It just takes time to find them. But, then it takes time to find the right jeans and I don’t see people eschewing them. :rolleyes:

    Personally, I hate closed in ballet type flats. The backs of them always rub my heels. Terribly uncomfortable! So we see any type of shoe can be uncomfortable.

    And, I’m sorry but, flats just don’t look right for every outfit. They may be “comfortable” and people can be happy being contrarians as they wear the flats. But, they just don’t.
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  10. Eh. I've been in flats daily for essentially my entire life - from high school, right through undergrad and now, into med school and hospitals. AND IMHO, many women (including myself) have made them work with every outfit we own.

    Heels were never my day-to-day wear after I looked at an image that showed how pressure points and intensity changed between walking barefoot, in flats, sneakers and heels. There is nothing "contrarian" about not wanting to ruin my feet with non-stop blisters or mess-up my MSK structure to look "acceptable" in the eyes of, mostly, men?

    They were and always will be special event shoes - date night, weddings, parties, a night out etc. and even then, more often than not, I'm in flats.

    As for sartorial and social approval, never needed that; but I (rightly or wrongly) credit a lot of the "sneakers" movement to Phoebe Philo. She brought Stan Smiths back into the spotlight as a feminine option by wearing them consistently and comfy (but stylish) boat-type shoes into the brand. Far too many other designers - male and female alike, either wear heels for all their appearances or happily send their models tittering down the runway in sky high heels or both.
  11. I find a block heel can be as comfortable and easy to walk in as a flat - even sneakers
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  12. I'm with you heels can be as comfortable as sneakers as long as they fit correctly
  13. :tup:
    exactly !
  14. I think I’m the kind of woman who wears almost all kind of shoes out there, from thin high heels to ballet flats!
    I agree that you don’t need a sneaker to be comfortable, I have some Santoni shoes with block heel and I can walk the whole day in them without pain.
    Same said for Castaner wedges.
    But there are times when I just have to wear my stilettos , even just for a coffee out! Right now I’m so badly craving for Jimmy Choo Anouk or Louboutin Pigalle (I know, Louboutin are far from comfortable, but who can resist a red sole?)
    When I really need to be comfortable I wear sneakers (right now Saucony are the most comfortable out there for me), as for ballet flats I only go with Ferragamo.
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    I find wedges or block heels to be both comfortable and stylish and I wear them a lot more than sneakers or flats in the warmer months. They are an excellent casual option for those of us who want some height (being petite) as well as comfort. I like about a 2.5 inch heel.

    Complete flats are a no go for me. There needs to be a little more support or cushion there to feel comfortable, so complete flats are far and few between in my collection. I prefer sneakers over flats for walking, running errands, etc.

    But for a more dressy outing, I still prefer a slightly higher heel, especially if I am not walking much. I've found that higher heels that are ever so slightly thicker than super thin heels are more comfortable.
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