Harwin Curiosity

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  1. Ok I've known about Harwin for some time...for those non-native-Houstonians, Harwin, from what I hear, can be compared to Canal St. in NY. You basically have several shops with wholesale merchandise is for sale to the public.....it's pretty awesome. Either way, I'm somewhat new to the buying name brand purses and i'm afraid of purchasing one there & someone noticing it's a fake....Is there anyone out there familiar with the shops and their merchandise and the quality of the bags? Also when y'all <----(isn't my TEXAS twang apparent here?:roflmfao:) are shopping throughout Harwin, do y'all look at the merchandise in the front or are y'all opinionating on the merchandise in that "special" backroom? From what I've read so far....
    fellow forum-post-ers do not hold their bags too high in esteem :sad: so please give me the info....

    thanks all! ;)
  2. I'm from Dallas, but not familiar with Harwin in Houston. In reading your post, it appears that you may be asking for advice on purchasing a fake? If you look at threads here on the board regarding the topic of fakes, you'll notice that fakes are generally discouraged - regardless of their quality. It's one thing to buy an "inspired by" bag - it's quite another thing to buy an outright fake. Not only are counterfeit bags illegal, the labor practices involved in the production of such bags can be quite reprehensible. There are some really good threads on the topic here if you do a search! :smile:
  3. Wow. Lived in H-town for 6 years and never heard of it.
  4. Jaxeni, I also live in Houston, and Harwin is not exactly, what I would call a wholesale buying opportunity. It is a place, where you can buy fake handbags - coming directly from China. I would be very careful, if you plan to go there - don't go alone - actually I wouldn't go there at all. Why would you want to buy fake handbags of the worst kind?
  5. LOL! I'm a Houstonian and Iwan is RIGHT ON! Harwin is basically a few miles of counterfeiter's heaven! :yucky:
    They all get shut down for a while, then start selling out of their back rooms again. . . pretty icky.
    There are some wholesalers there, but they wholesale furniture to the trade mostly. . . there's NO SUCH thing as a high end designer wholesaler.
  6. Christine, Harwin is West of 610 and N of 59, around Fondren, not too far from the Galleria.
  7. I've been in there little "back room." and its a fake bag buyers heaven. I used to purchase their bags (from the front rooms of course) for my retail boutique. I was shown to the back room once and it was full of mainly LV. They actually had a few Dooneys there with the yellow registration cards that you see when purchased from dept stores so I dont know. The other bags were Chanel and Prada. All fakes. The jury is still out on the Donneys.
  8. can you tell me of a/some good stores on harwin to buy fake bags in? ive jewelry shopped there, but ive never known where to buy the good fake bags. thanks!