Harvey's Seat Belt Bags

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    Have you guys seen these bags before or have one yourself? What do you think of them?
  2. I have seen them around. Very cute, especially the red (the color is really pretty). However, I have heard that they are pretty heavy bags
  3. I have seen LOTS of girls carrying them! Very cute bags! I've also held them IRL, and they are very sturdy! :yes:
  4. I got mine a few years ago for my laptop. I had to wait 6 months for it (I ordered the red one!) Mercedes sells the Pink on in their showrooms.

    I love mine, it is fun and casual! I see more and more of them around now. It is perfect for what I use it for on a daily basis. But when I have important meetings I use my Leather D&B Alto, it's a little more formal.
  5. Those are so cute! I haven't seen them before...but maybe I should just open my eyes. Are they available in Europe?
  6. I'm not sure if they are available in Europe. Their website is


    They sell them on e-bay as well.
  7. OMG, I have a funny story related to this. I was volunteering at a fundraiser event last week and was chatting about this and that with another volunteer during our downtime.

    The conversation turned to heart problems in young people and I was stressing the importance of going to the hospital, even if you are relatively young, if you experience chest pains.

    The other volunteer told me she felt pains in that general area a while back, and was understandably frightened. She went to either her doc, or emergency room (don't remember), and it turned out that the pain was caused by her seatbelt bag. Because it was SO heavy!!! :lol:
  8. WOW! Oh, ok....potential health hazard! Well, at least they are cute to look at!
  9. I think they are very cute! And they are sturdy! I see them everywhere though, which is a bit of a negative for me.
  10. I've never seen these before - cute and in gorgeous colours! :love:
  11. OMG! That IS heavy. I've looked at the bags before and they are indeed sturdy, but I gotta believe she had that thing LOADED to cause chest pains. I have a Luella Daria and that thing weighs a TON without anthingy in it and then when I put in my wallet, makeup, keys, mints, gum, tissue, it gets pretty heavy, but no chest pains....yet!
  12. I've seen tons of girls carrying them. I just never realized they were seatbelts.

    I used to have, back in highschool, a seatbelt with the buckle belt. My school had uniforms but no where did it say what type of belt we had to wear. I wore that one every day and finally our dumb assistant principal told me I couldn't wear it because it could be used as a weapon.......:huh: I decided to inform her how I could strangle, hang, and beat anyone with any type of belt of any color, brand, or style. I pointed out her tacky braided old lady belt and told her what I could do with that. She backed off and never said a word about it again. I think I scared her :amuse:
  13. Yep, seatbelt buckle belts. They sell them on e-bay as well as other places. You can get them in any type of car design you like.

    As for weapons, shoelaces, can be lethal as well. I had a friend who ended up in a psychiatric hosptial. When I went to visit her she told me they took away her shoelaces. (She's doing okay now.)
  14. If you want a truly indestructible bag, this is definitely the one to get. Mine also doubles as a handy doorstop....!
  15. I do not like those bags at all!!!