Harvey Nics Edinburgh 50% off

  1. Hello girls, I'm not sure if anyone's interested, but I was in Harvey Nics Edinburgh on Monday and noticed *further* reductions on their sales .. including 2 white classiques (one stone/offwhite, one a true pure white), and 2 mid brown (very very veiny) classiques. All at 50% off i.e. around £330.

    Also two Matelasses (med sized, the ones that are chunky under the arm) - both aquamarine - at £410? £430 I think. But they're cheaper at Koh Samui just now - 60% off there :p and they had aquamarine and vg and white ...

    And a red whistle bag - a small one. That's all from me :smile: x
  2. Arghh, they don't ship to the US, do they?
  3. Hey!

    Do the sales last untill next week (first week of august):graucho:?
  4. Anyone have contact info for them?
  5. Also would like to know if they ship to the states?
  6. As far as I understand, they do !!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Liberté: I'm not sure how long it'll last - the sign said 'final reductions' though :/ I'm sure if you ring and ask they'll be helpful!

    I wish I'd taken down the name of the SA I spoke to in person, she was lovely. Then you could ask for her. Next time I'm in I'll try to get it!
  9. Hi Kymara, do you know if they have the City, PT, Work or Day on sale too ? Or those are pretty much are on sale ? Any coin purse on sale too ? Thanks so much.
  10. I know its a bit off topic, but kymara do you know if there are any briefs left on sale at kohsamui or HN?
  11. I rang Koh Samui last weekend and I don't think that they had any of the 'traditional' type bags left at sale price.
  12. gallicaroses: no :sad: they only had what i mentioned. i searched the whole floor for a coin purse as i'm desperate for one! And in the motorcycle style they only has firsts :sad:

    Check out Diabro for very cheap days though! (just don't buy the ones i want, hehe!)

    And Jenova is right, at Koh Somui they didn't have any motorcycle, only matelasse.
  13. What a great bargain! Unfortunately i can't be there to grab such great goodies...hehehe
  14. Thanks for the info:smile: I was eyeing the black matelasse when I saw it last week, but from the look of your post, it must of sold:sad: