Harvey Nicks Edinburgh New and Sale Stock

  1. Hello. Was in HN yesterday and thought I would let you know some of the stock:

    They have a black part time with SGH, black work with SGH. Mogano Day with RH, Mogano Brief with GGH. A bunch of Vert Gazon GH bags (can't remember exactly what styles) A few Aquamarine with RH (a twiggy, and a city, a first, I think...)

    On the sale table they had 2 Aquamarine Matelasse, 1 Black Matelasse, a Anthracite City RH, several white firsts and a bunch of coin purses all 30% off! :tup:

    I may be going back again today, so will try to take some notes this time and update this post!
  2. thanks for the heads up, wish I lived closer!!!!
  3. Siri Anne, please look out for any Sandstone for me? TIA
  4. They have a RH Anthracity and Aquamarine City! Eek! These are the two styles I've been eyeing for a while now and they're not easy to find in the US. I wonder if HN ships stateside...
  5. ahhh hi Siri, have missed you posting, great to see you have been shopping!!! :yes::smile:
  7. wow, unbelievable, an anthracite city on sale!
  8. I want a coin purse especially with 30% discount!
  9. The RH Anthracite City is 30% off and there was only one left! The Aquamarine City was still full price. I didn't make it back yesterday, but will go back on Thursday to see if they have any other great finds.

    They DO ship to the states.:yes:

    Virtualshopper: Sadly, no Sandstone Day RH...sorry!
  10. ChloeBabe: Missed you too! Was in Spain for 2 1/2 weeks, and things have been a bit hectic since our return so have not been on TPF very much, but managed to go to the HN sale and grabbed a great pair of Choo's for 160GBP:nuts::graucho:

    SO many great bargains at HN at the moment! Must go back Thursday when I'll have more time to look at Bags:smile:
  11. siri anne, is the aquamarine twiggy on sale too? If soo, I am soo interested!

    I will send you a pm! :yahoo:
  12. No, the aqua twiggy was with the non sale items...sorry!
  13. OK: to all of you who have PM'd me, here is an update:

    The Anthracite City with RH is gone (sold over the phone...who got her?)

    ALL of the sale coin purses are gone

    They have 2 Aquamarine Matelasse 480GBP

    One black Matelasse

    Two Sandstone City's RH 360GBP

    A bunch of white firsts (can't remember the price, sorry)

    NON SALE: Aquamarine twiggy 605GBP
    Aquamarine City rh

    Vert Gazon GH in a work, part time and a day

    Red ( i think it's tomato) GGH Work

    Magano Day GGH
    Magano Twiggy with rh

    Plomb/Steel SGH in a Work and a Part time.

    A black mini matelasse

    That is all I can remember...took some photos on the sly so apologies for bad quality pics.


  14. Siri, thank you so much for looking out for a sandstone and your spy pictures...You are so brave, girl. Do you have a specific SA to contact? TIA
  15. No problem;)

    I always speak to the manager of the department, although her name escapes me at the moment. Some of the SA's there, although very friendly, are not the best at identifying certain styles. Best to speak to the manager and be VERY specific in what it is you are looking for!:smile: