HarvDiors Collection

  1. Hi guys! So here is my collection of things. Im charging the batteries of my camera so it will take a while to post some things. I have some pics of my mums bags for you. As well as my own designer suits, watches, sunglasses, etc. I hope you enjoy.

    First up we have my new Dior Ragga 1's.

    Followed by my old faves The Black Overshine 2 by Dior.

    Then we have my dior eyeglasses 3051 style.

    (Soon will be posting my dior and armani suits, and my mums new Dkny glazed kenya hobo.)

    Plus my new ARMANI and Raymond Weil watches.

    I hope you like my collection....:heart:
    100_0548.jpg 100_05661.jpg 100_0507.jpg Image034.jpg Image041.jpg Image023.jpg Image057.jpg
  2. Nice sunglasses...
    can't wait to see your armani suit. and your watches! i love watches.
  3. Very nice collection. Can't wait to see more pics!
  4. Woo for Overshines 2!!! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks guys! Jm311 i love the overshines! Are the glasses in your avatar the gaucho's? god i want those!!!!!! Taking suit pics and watch pics tomorrow!
  6. Congrats Harvdior. Great collection of shades. Can't wait to see your suits and other stuff.
  7. Gauchos? mmm.. those are great.

    But the sunnies in my avatar are Overshines 2. ;)
  8. I love Dior sunnies

    I have a pair of Overshine 2 too hehe..they're my favourite :biggrin:
  9. Love your Dior sunnies. Can't wait to see your other stuff:smile:
  10. lovely dior sunnies.. I wonder when I will get one.. hehe
  11. Those sunglasses are HOT! Great collection! I love Dior sunglasses myself
  12. Nice.
  13. nice sunnies
  14. very nice sunglasses collection!! thanks for sharing :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. love it!