Hart deco stoles yes or no ?

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  1. Who has the Hart deco stole yet , what do you think like it love it, how do you wear yours, love the design but dont know weither to get this one or a couple of scarves instead, remember i have never worn scarves before so this would be a first, help needed
  2. I would say a huge Yes, for myself.

    Do note that the silk/cashmere proportions are different from scarves, as well as the dimensions.

    The Hart deco is very light and airy compared to the 100% silk scarves, and you probably can't use it seriously as a warmer in winter(unless you go a few rounds around your neck). It's great for me in a warmer climate. But the silvery bits are so glamorous. It would probably not be as versatile as a few scarves that you would be getting in place of this. Oh, and it's a teeny bit more fragile than a normal scarf.

    It you can swing it, get both types, they are really very different to wear.
  3. Yes!! It's amazingly warm too :smile:
  4. :yes:available c/w's make this design very easy to wear .. from day to evening^:yes:
  5. I love the light weight and it can be dressier as a wrap too. I think it is more versatile than a twill-they are monochromatic and can be worn with a lot more outfits. Wear mine with jeans quite a bit. But if you are looking for warmth the printed cashmere stoles or the new Libris stoles are your best bets. HTH.:flowers:
  6. I love the stole. Agree with Lanit they are more versatile.
  7. I love mine. It is longer than a regular etole, though, so it is a little more material to work with.
  8. I love it. :heart:
  9. I think its beautiful, but I dont like the rectangular stole shape as much as the shawl, so its not for me. Just MHO.
  10. I love it, although I haven't worn mine yet
  11. Big YES, I have it in gris and love it!
  12. Here is how I wear mine-this is graphite.



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  13. lanit, that is beautiful! Love it with the contrasting sweater.
  14. YES! it's perfect for those fall days and even winter (for me, since i live in california). it's a beautiful and versatile scarf, and is a very different feel/purpose than the silk twill scarves or even the GM shawls. it's light and airy, but surprisingly warm. and sooo pretty with the silver Hs!
  15. Is the stole which is made from cotton and silk considered the hart deco? I have one in orange with silver and it is amazingly lightweight and gorgeous.