Harsh eBay communications

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  1. I won an auction for a rather pricey item yesterday, and got a payment notice from the seller that read:

    Although she thanks me at the end, I'm offended by the capitalization and threats of negative feedback. I realize this is the internet, but ugh. Am I just oversensitive today?

    I will be sending payment but I now understand the appeal of being passive/agressive and "forgetting." Or of sending back a snippy comment. This is something polite people just swallow, right?

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  2. Hmm correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the payment notice the same thing that appears on the final page of checkout when you win an item? The reason I ask is because that sounds like just a general email that the seller sends out to everyone who wins their stuff. I don't think you should be offended.

    As a seller on ebay, I have similar instructions on my auctions pages and you can bet that those instructions stand out from the rest of my text. I just want to get the message out there.

    I'm sure the seller didn't mean any harm in that email
  3. Yes, you are right! That first paragraph is taken verbatim from the Seller's Payment Instructions on the auction page. Somehow, it reads very harsh to me this morning.

    Perhaps it's because I usually get a chance to pay immediately, but I rarely get notices. When I do, they seem far more gracious. I will take note and be careful when I write my own instructions for items I put up.

    Thanks for pointing out where it came from.
  4. ^ no problem! I only noticed because today after I won an auction, I got a very similar email (similar to your's that is) from the seller and it was dejavu because I remember reading the same thing before. :amuse:

    ack, me too! I wasn't aware that ebay sends out the payment instructions when the buyer wins until today, I will definitely fix up that section so it doesn't sound like I'm a :censor:.
  5. As an aside....it is illegal per ebay policy to request payment within 3 days. All buyers have 7 days to make payment...only exception is on a BIN where the seller can preset to have payment made immediately after hitting BIN button.
    It's also against ebay rules to threaten with negative feedback.
    She can't even file a non-paying bidder complaint until the 8th day.

    Not that that helps you or anything because you're going to pay. I think in general sellers are getting aggressive like this because of all of the non-paying bidders and scammers out on ebay today.
    Mine is a little nicer than that though...no threats of negative feedback lol
  6. thanks for positng that.

    i'm thinking of getting abck into selling on ebay
    so at least now i know what to say and not say withotu sounding like the demon woman from hell
  7. Yes that's pretty harsh but I'll be honest and say that I generally like to give my bidders/buyers the benefit of the doubt and I avoid harsh terms except for a line that reads, "Please pay within 3 says of auction end." or something along those lines"
  8. Hey Coco-nut! It's certainly not the most polite letter, but I agree with Jen, it does sound like a general email! Don't take it personally. I hope you enjoy your item! What'd you get?
  9. Yes, thanks for posting - gives a seller a heads up on how not to sound intimidating - say what you will about ebay, It is full of cheats and scammers (just like the real world) but it remains the 800 pound gorilla and the only game in town if you really want to sell something.
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