Harry Winston Solitaire Diamond Studs?

  1. Hellllooo!

    I recently got my ear pierced, three holes in fact. To wear three Harry Winston studs, no less. [i'm also looking into De Beers/Tiffany/Cartier. Please, no lectures about De Beers and conflict diamonds. Thank You!]

    So what I've been meaning to ask you girls is, do any of you happen to own HW studs?

    I assume that HW, like most high end jewelers, sell singles. While I was at Tiffany, i looked into their studs. Their singles don't go as high in carats.

    I'm specifically looking for three carat sizes of singles, somewhere between, .45-.5, .3-.35, .2-.25.

    Soooo, do any of you know if HW sells singles? What carat and price do they roughly start at, let's say at the very least F/VVS1-2? Or the starting carats and prices of any of the listed jewelers?

    oh and lastly, have any of you ever discussed discounts at HW?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. You might want to take a look at Blue Nile. You can select from 1000s of diamonds, and the specs are up to you. And no tax!

    I purchased my studs, (one for each ear) separately from them...I wanted a perfect pair of E color, VS, ideal cut AGSL studs, and found the perfect single first. I had to wait until the 2nd popped up on the site. You can search the site, pick your diamonds and then call them to set up the purchase.
  3. I don't know the answer to this, but I can't imagine if you ask that they would reject selling you a single stone for an earring.

    Good Luck! they will be beautiful.