harry winston Belle wedding band

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  1. I tried it on in the Chicago Oak Street Salon in July 2012 and IIRC $5800 (or $6800?) in July 2012. I was told at the time it was going up in September but was not told to how much. I did not care for it in person, it was quite tall off the finger, and did not come in a half eternity option, and I just saw it getting mangled.
  2. It's really pretty! ame...don't you think a channel set band would have less possibility of getting "mangled" than one set with prongs?
  3. IC. I was worried about getting mangled as well.
    Thanks so much Ame!
    Does HW carry any half eternity style? I didn't see many choices on their website:crybaby::crybaby:

  4. In theory, yes, assuming it's made correctly. The hope is that the metal is up higher than the stones enough to take any blows the ring may sustain. But I am someone who is not comfortable with the risk having full eternity poses, regardless of setting style.

    This specific band is not channel set, this is actually bead set, and the stones were not in-set that much into the band despite their SERIOUSLY tiny size and how much metal was beneath them. Im not kidding, TINY. Teeny-tiny tiny. Almost so tiny they weren't going to get enough light to sparkle. And for the price point...I almost laughed at her. Esp considering the ridiculous amount of metal beneath them!

    According to the SA I worked with no, because, and I quote, it looks "cheap and low-end, and they save that for their competition". She kept harping on "high-quality means that full eternity is better." And I just stopped pushing it.
  5. asiatatler.com/singapore/sites/default/files/imagecache/Story_full-638/asia_tatler_singapore__luxury_lifestyles_magazine_product_travel_home_brands_events_shopping_guide_singapore_society/stories/harry%20winston/harry-winston-belle-engagement-ring-and-wedding-band.jpg

    What a shame :shucks:
    I thought about getting Belle as it looks so pretty in this pix! I'm planning to upgrade my E ring at 5th anniversary, so I thought Belle would be a perfect match.
    Now I probably need to re-consider my plan:cray: :cray:
  6. Not sure how to upload a pix, try again
  7. Its pretty, just not as nice as I expected for that price point and name. They were WAY daintier in person than I anticipated.
  8. Beautiful band! I have a gorgeous eternity band from HW that I recieved for my 25th anniversary and FYI they do negotiate on price! My husband negotiated a 20% discount and they were excellent to deal with (Tony at the Las Vegas store) and provided superb service. You will not be disappointed, their diamonds are simply amazing!
  9. I find full eternities to be incredibly uncomfortable. Just my two cents. Have you considered Blue Nile?
  10. Ame how does the belle band compare to the 2.2 Tiffany channel set you got?
  11. I got the 2mm Tiffany, but there is no comparison. I'd get the Tiffany over the HW in a second. The Tiffany is wider, by a noticeable amount, feels heftier and more sturdy. The diamonds in the Tiffany are 1) nicer cut quality and 2) big enough to actually show fire and the workmanship was nicer on the Tiffany vs the HW.

    I was not totally impressed with many of the pieces I saw in HW, Graff, etc that day. They were...sloppy, for lack of a better word. And for that price point...no way would I be ok with that level of work for that price. I saw some Graff pieces that were atroctiously made. The metal work was not cleanly done at all, wavy and uneven.
  12. Thx so much Love rocks! That is very helpful.
    wow, 20% is a lot, I thought 10% was the maximum. Do you think they offer 20% off micropave?
    I'm going to LA next month, and hopefully I could make a decision there :biggrin:

  13. Hmm, the thing is I don't feel very comfortable to purchase a diamond without trying it on.:nogood:
  14. Actually I went to Tiffany ystd, and I just instantly fell in love with "SHARED-SETTING BAND RING". I'm not sure if it's 2mm but I know for sure it's $3600.

    I'm going to LA next month to try HW and Cartier, if nothing amazes me, I probably would go with Tiffany :smile: