Harry Winston Belle Pricing too good to be true?


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Dec 11, 2018
I've been looking around for a Harry Winston belle ring for a while now, and I had some questions on this deal I saw. This girl was able to purchase a 0.87 D VS1 Belle for 20k. This girl is pretty reputable, so I don't think its fake. However, it doesn't add up, and I figured I'd ask since occasionally I see people here talking about getting discounts at HW, etc.

1. On their website they say Belle comes in 0.70-0.79 then 1.00-1.74. I've called a couple stores, and they say the same thing.. Is a 0.87c ring even possible?

2. I called and a sales rep quoted me the largest they carry under 1c, which is 0.79c F VS2 for ~17k. A 1c Belle starts at 30k.