Harry Winston anyone?

  1. I have a Harry Winston question.

    I was recentlly in New York having a business meeting, when another women commented on my engagment ring. I said thanks and advised we are looking into an up grade. Later that night over drinks she told me I should get a Harry Winston Blue or Pink nothing less than 10ct. She stated I appear to be that type of girl????????????????????

    Can anyone tell me what type of girl buys Harry Winston e-ring with a Blue or Pink diamond?
    I have done some looking on the internet and found they cost more than a white diamond.

    I have to admit I know want to see one of these for my self[​IMG].

    Note: This women was a beautiful blond type, with this years prada shoes, Hermes bag and great teeth. She told me her e-ring was from Winston, it had a pink center about 12ct is my guess[$$)].
  2. depends on the colour intesity light intense vivid the colour (pure pnk light pink purplish pink and the clarity but you can easily drop a few million on that ;)
    ahh and if you want ablue one over 10 ct intense or vivid blue good clarity you can say over 10 millon for sure
  3. Even a small pink or blue diamond that would meet HW's quality standards would be wildly expensive. Even J-Lo's pink diamond was only (only, ha!) 5 or 6 carats. You must have looked like a bilion bucks for her to have made such a comment!! : )

    Oh, what kind of girl buys this kind of ring? A DAMN rich one, that's for sure!
  4. I agree with manolo maven-- very rich women would go for harry Winston diamonds, and colored ones at that plus at 10-12 cts??/ WoW! you must've impressed her so much or maybe she is selling some....
  5. First of all, at no moment I am suggesting that your business partner is like this (and I apologise should I cause offence if she is genuinely nice) but I am bickering my experience. I’m on the receiving end of this quite often!:lol:

    So I’m going to put on my cynic mask:

    1) You are more beautiful than her and she is trying to put you down in some way or another.
    2) You are better than her professionally (but she just happens to get together with a rich man) and she is trying to put you down in some way or another
    3) You are both more beautiful than her and better than her professionally and she is trying to put you down in some way or another.

    My case is usually the first one (I like to think I’m extremely hot anyway:lol: ) because the person who says this type of thing to me is at least on the same level. It’s a part-and-parcel, meow *scratch* procedure of the entente cordiale :lol: in London and definitely they do not know me well enough to allow for suggestions about things as intimate as an engagement ring. In fact I had something similar a fortnight ago on my Tiffany 1.3 D/IF while she was on Garrard (royal warrant holder) 5+. She said (naturally with a detached-look face): ‘Surely you must be looking for at least E/VVS1 or even D/IF all-round diamonds ones because you know, to get a normal band would be just soooo common.’:noworry:

    Maybe it's just an English thing (and proves the statement in the signature below:P ) but it’s like the mums chatting to each other while they wait to pick their children up. They say something like:

    ‘You must let Arabella take violin lessons because Scheherazade plays so sweetly even though she has only just reached Grade 6 and I really love her playing duets with Cecilia (you know, the daughter of the ambassador from X)’

    Translation: my little girl is better than yours because I’ve raised her better than you could ever have done. Oh, my daughter’s name also sounds better than yours because I’m more cultured (this is real :shocked: and these are not made-up names either).

    Again I must apologise if I’ve wrongly doubt your business partner’s sincerity especially if you have known her for a long time so that discussing engagement rings is not a problem and congratulations on the upgrade:flowers: .

    P.S. You can definitely put me down if you get a Harry Winston coloured diamonds.:lol:
  6. Bee Bee, that was a great take on the situation. I love it when someone just tells it like it is!
  7. I would also think anyone with a 10 carat does not work or if they do it is for charity when they are not traveling the world. This lady was totally full of it! Generally people who do work with that kind of wealth probably would not wear their 10 carat Harry Winston to a business meeting.
  8. and if they do so not bragging about it. believe me if you do wear a stone like that you don´t have to talk about it as it speaks for itself.
    it is the same if you do drive a porsche there is simply is no need for a sticker stating "caution fast car" ;)
  9. Great post, Bee...Bee! But seriously, Scheherazade? :biggrin:
  10. I concur. It is the rare "working woman" (even CEO type) who wears a 10 ct. ring, let alone a pink one from Harry Winston. This isn't your average "rich woman" ring...this is a Forbes 100 ring. And it's sad but true, there's a LOT of faking it in this city -- there are excellent fake jewels, fake Birkins, fake hair, fake Chanel suits, fake nails and fake bodies running rampany in the Big Apple. It's a bit of a dirty little secret. : )
  11. Sad, but true.
  12. Wow ladies, obviously all of you have let your hair down and said your thoughts:lol: .

    Passerby darling, where have you been! What’s wrong with Scheherazade? :lol: Surely you must know that you have to either:
    1) Be like Gwyneth and Bob Geldof and call your child after a fruit, Apple and Peaches respectively.:lol:
    2) Or go for a five-syllable+ tongue twister (and my dear, you are so common should you pronounce it ‘Sche-he-ra-zade’ you must call my daughter ‘Sche-he-ra-za-de’):lol:

    Also sweetheart, clearly you know already that Scheherazade is the bride that supposedly told the Persian king the 1000 Arabian Nights tales, to escape execution next morning? I’m so stupid I’ve asked because you’ve read it the original in Arabic, haven’t you? :lol: (The new craze around here is the appreciation of the Arabic literature and science, I REALLY do hope that this and our other stupid antics remain in this mid-Atlantic rock:flowers: )

    lol, I’ve just been told last week that my name (Beatrice) is common.:roflmfao: Clearly my parents did not make appropriate contingency plans for the future! When I get married and have a girl, I may have to go for 10-syllable. I welcome suggestions from you ladies.:lol:
  13. There's just fake people almost everywhere in the City,.. There's always someone out there chasing the Jonses! Oh and let's not forget a City Favorite,.. "Fakey LV's"
  14. Thanks Ladies, I have been out of touch for a few days.

    I found out this lady comes from money and married money.
    She hangs out with other women like the Miller sister and such.

    Oh, her e-ring 8ct emerald cut pink diamond center stone.
  15. [​IMG]

    this miller sister?
    ladies, check out the diamond drops!!! :heart: :heart:
    did anybody say HUGE?!! :P

    photo: slaikjaer.com