Harry Potter & OTP Sneak Peek!

  1. how exciting!!
  2. Yay!!! :yahoo: I am sooo excited to see OTP movie!!! The 5th book I enjoyed because you got to learn SO much, but hated at the same time because of the different situations that arise. (I don't to want to ruin anything for anyone that has not read the book).
  3. YAY! :yahoo:

    i am so so so excited for this movie. this one contains such a huge chunk of the harry potter lore (is that the word i want?) i can't wait to see it on the big screen!
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    I saw this from ONTD. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! I'm so so giddy! I can't wait. woohooo!!
  5. I am soooo excited for the 5th movie!! Such a HUGE HP fan!! It looks great!!!
  6. o my the set looks AMAZING!!
    i can't wait!! :drool:
  7. I just don`t get it WHY WHY WHY did they publish the trailer EIGHT months before the premiere!!!!!!!


    Is it the 4 minute video?? If yes I'm sorry I have to hold myself not to watch it coz I'm scared that I'll be bored by the time i'm watching the movie :P

    The trailer was great btw...I loved the scene when they fly over the Thames River :love:
  8. Thanks !
  9. OMG!!! I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited for this freaking movie to come out. hee hee
  10. I'm a big fan of the books (the movies are ok but I'll get my Potter fix any way I can). Thanks!! :flowers: