1. Im only half way through but my god, its been so suspensful!!:tup:
  2. would help if i could spell Potter huh;)
  3. Your sooo lucky. I don't get it until tomorrow. I want to know now, and I don't.
  4. I just finished it and it was amazing how the loose end were tied and the supsnese was kept through the whole book. The only thing I didn't like that much are the last 2 chapters 35 King Cross and 36 The flaw in the plan as it seems to far fetched in my eyes. But I'm happy that even though a lot of the good guys died in the book the main characters survived but it's really the last book as I don't think that another one about Harry's adult life would be interesting.
    So have fun reading it. I'll probably take a nap now.:smile:
  5. I finished a about 7 hours ago...

    I thought it was pretty good...Hermione annoyed me throughout the book...and I wasn't really surprised about anything that happened although I will admit one part brought tears to my eyes.

    I'm kind of sad...its like the end of an era...I finished the book and I was like...OK...now what???

    Enjoy everyone!
  6. I just finished it, i feel so sad. Ive been reading these books for years and i cant believe its over!!

    Harry and co have been there when i needed a break for reality.

    I knew Snape was not evil and I knew we would hear from Dumbledore again. Im 25 and I got confused and will definately be reading it again, i dont get how younger kids understood the connections and storyline, plus was anyone else shocked when Mrs Weasly said B!TCH??? All i remember thinking was this is a kids book!!

    And the ending was nice in a mushy mushy way....

    Im so sad its all over....so sad.
  7. ^ I was shocked to at the B word in Harry Potter!

    I didn't like the last chapter as much as the rest of the book though. I thought it a bit much and slightly cheesy IMO. I was expecting a bit more from the "19 years later..." but oh well. I thought the whole book (minus that chapter) was well written though :heart:
  8. I've never read the Harry Potter's and I think I'm going to start!
  9. I just finished it as well.
    One day I would definetly like to go back and re-read them all in a row....because there were definetly plotlines that I needed a refresher on (although I did reread a synopsis of Book 6 before starting this one)!
    I must've gone through every emotion....scared, sad, happy! Insane!
    Overall, I am happy with the book.....I was all prepared for Harry to die....and was so happy he didn't!
    I did however like the Epilogue chapter! It was nice to see all those loose ends be tied up!
  10. Just finished it.....Cracking book! Made me cry a lot, not the obvious parts, but when so many people were risking their lives for him and there was nothing he could do about it and when he went off to die.

    Knew Snape was innocent! Good for Neville too!

    Would love to read them all again.
  11. I'm so sad. I suppose I sided with the evil characters.

    I hated so much of that book. I am devastated that Bellatrix died and Voldemort and the trio remained unscathed. I thought at least one of them got the axe. Where Harry comes back to life ...thats completely ridiculous. I found that flaw completely unbelivable.

    Bella :crybaby:
  12. Who dies? Cannot wait to get the book!
  13. Erm, Voldemort died didnt he?
  14. I don't know if Voldemort lives or dies... but I kinda want to know which "good guy" dies.
    So antsy now! :nuts:
  15. Quite a few good guys die, Mad Eye Moody, Hedwig, Dobby, Tonks, Lupin, Fred....but none of the 3 main characters