Harry Potter book 7... no spoilers here please!

  1. is coming out tomorrow night... ok.. ok 12:01 am Saturday. Is anyone going to go get it at Midnight at Walmart? I can't wait to find out what happens in this final installment of Harry Potter. I'm 27 but YES I do read the Harry Potter series. My little siblings got me hooked on it. So my little siblings and I will be at our local Walmart tomorrow night picking up a copy.

    Anyone else gonna go get the book?
  2. Yep, I'm going to borders where I have a reservation for my copy. I plan to chill out at the Potter Party!
  3. I've only reserved a copy at the library..and I'm number 223 on the reserved list! I'll probably get to read it next year or something!!
  4. Amazon will be delivering to my house!
  5. My parents ordered the book for me (the American version, since I like the covers) and they're going to mail it to me once it comes.
  6. i just got called by the book store telling me bout the launching hour and when i'm goin to et the book i pre-ordered :p
    i'm sooo excited
  7. Mine will be delivered from Amazon Saturday morning... I wanted to reread all previous 6 before 7.... and I'm only half way through 5, so I won't probably finish it until next week though! It will be so hard having it sit there with out reading it! But I really need the refresher as I've never reread any of them.
  8. Definitely will be at the bookstore for the HP events going on...I think they start at 9p or 10p, though will be going during lunch hour to pick up bracelet!

    I can't wait for the book!!!
  9. we are flying up to edinburgh tomorrow (Home of JK rowling ;) lol, and we are going to the bookstore at 12.01, my two girls are just so excited :biggrin:
  10. I'm going to label this thread NON-SPOILERS since it's the first one.
  11. Pre-ordered the deluxe edition from Amazon. I won't be able to read it Saturday because of a bridal shower... oh well.
  12. Wow, that's crazy! I hope you're kidding, but it actually sounds plausible. I want to borrow it from the library, but it'll take forever. I guess I'll have to buy it.
  13. Whoever finishes the book first should start a discussion thread. (But, PLEASE mark it as a discussion thread and indicate there are spoilers!)
  14. My DD will pick up my reserved copy at midnight for me & I imagine I will have to pry it out of her hands, I both look forward & dread this last book.
  15. No I'm not kidding! I would've bought it but I'm truly crazy with research stuff right now and would not have time to read it - and my adviser would kill me if she thought she was paying me to read Harry Potter! So I did reserve and I'm number 223 - I was number 225 but I guess two people just gave up and ordered the book!!