Harry Potter Book 7 and How Not to Ruin It for People

  1. When the sixth book came out, someone posted something in another social network (I won't say which) entitled Important Information about Book 6! Please Read! I clicked on the link and it proceeded to list exactly what's going to happen. And I was only on chapter two! So reading the book, nothing shocked me anymore because the surprise was ruined. I was reading it thinking, "Okay, I know this is going to happen, I'm just not sure when."

    I know we're more considerate than that, but I just want to make sure there's no risk of ruining anything for anyone else, especially because it's the last book.

    I know we're going to end up discussing the book, and we can't discuss it without bringing up specific plot points, but if anyone does post a book discussion thread, can you PLEASE clearly indicate there's going to be spoilers?

    Thank you.

    (I'd do it myself, but I'm getting the American version of the book - I love the covers - and my parents are bringing it with them when they visit me in August.)
  2. when someone starts a thread, if one doens't exist already, maybe we can have 2?
    One w/ and one w/o spoilers?
  3. That's a great idea, Swanky.
  4. LMK if and when one starts and we'll make sure it's clear whether there can be spoilers or not :yes:
  5. ^^ You mean everyone doesn't just get the book and read it immediately until the end????? LOL!!!

    I cannot wait for this book!! I will be at my local bookstores "midnight magic" party and get my book and will not put it down until I'm done. (I'm kind of a fast reader though)

    In fact, I make sure once I'm reading it to not watch the news, computer, radio, nothing that may give me a clue as to what happens. LOL!
  6. I like the idea of two Deathly Hollow topics. One for the people who have read it and can discuss specific plot points and one for people who have not finished yet (they haven't read it fast enough) who still want to discuss it but don't want anything ruined.

  7. It's over 700 pages! And those UK people have a 5-hour head start due to the time difference! I'm going to avoid the internet and TV too, I think.
  8. the 7th book somehow surfaced onto the internet. a friend sent it to me (but its not all of it, i think most of it) if anyone wants a copy of it, PM me and i will e-mail ! =)
  9. No, people should buy their own copy and pay for fair use. :cursing:
  10. Ugh, when I was in China, the 6th one came out. Apparently they published PLOT and ENDING in the NEWSPAPER!!!! the NEWSPAPER of all places!!! My aunt proceeded to call me and let me know what happened....:cursing: I was only halfway done!!!
  11. That's why you have to avoid the internet until you are done reading it lol.
  12. I thought people read the whole thing before putting it down too lol. I may avoid the internet a few days before the release of the book.
  13. That's horrible. :cursing: I really hope that's fanfic or a fake or something.
  14. lol. well i was only trying to do some ROAK . it was an option if anyone WOULD want to.

    I received the e-mail but I havent read it yet (I'm not that big of a fan, anyway) but thought if anyone wanted to this badly, I would forward it.

    that does suck that the newspaper published it though, they really shouldn't have.
  15. Soundjade: as long as you're not charging people for the privilige of recieving the book thru an email, I don't think you should worry about the cursing smiley in the previous post. It's the same argument as downloading music online w/o paying for it.

    Lots of us will simply go to the bookstore & read the book from cover to finish in the store w/o paying for the privilege of taking it home. I don't buy hardbacks, & usually borrow stuff from the library to decide if I think it's worth paying for the paperback. I wish publishers would release hard & paperbacks at the same time...