Harry Potter and the Haunted Handbag ('illustrated')


Jul 27, 2006
with Mr X
Over the Potters’ pumpkin patch, the sun was slowly rising. A faint golden glow bathed the hills and hedgerows in the distance. In the valley, the lights of residences in the little town of Ottery-St-Catchpole would soon be blinking on like fairy lights.

Harry turned from the window, gently pried the empty milk bottle from his son’s tiny fingers and kissed the baby’s forehead through a shock of fine black hair. Henry Albus Potter at eleven months had a grip to match any World Championship Seeker's, as well as a hearty appetite that surpassed those of his two older siblings James and Lily. As his son drifted back to sleep in his arms, Harry pondered how best to negotiate his way up out of the cushy armchair that had been a wedding present from Hagrid. Covered in shaggy fur, it was a huge hit in the Potter household for the comfortable armrests that hugged you in. But it occasionally had a petulant tendency to refuse to let you go. Oh, and it growled unless you scratched its side, which Harry had just begun to do with his free hand when he was startled by an urgent rapping at the door.

Hagrid’s armchair did growl, but had to make do with a quick pat, as Harry leaped to his feet, balancing a lightly snoring Henry at his chest. In two strides he crossed the cottage’s living room to open the front door.

At the threshold stood a haggard-looking Hermione Weasley. Harry’s second oldest friend actually looked it this morning. There were dark circles under her eyes, some mysterious dirt on her cheeks and chin, and her bushy hair stood up in odd places as if she’d been gripping it frantically all night. As Harry stepped back to let her in, he noticed a big orange shopping bag in her hand...


Jul 27, 2006
with Mr X
‘Harry, it’s awful,’ she began ominously. ‘It’s Vol- It’s Voldemort. He’s back.’

At the sound of the Dark Wizard’s name, Harry felt a cold stone drop in his chest. In his arms little Henry frowned and wriggled restlessly in his sleep.

‘Just… one second,’ said Harry. He motioned at Hermione to sit down as he rushed up the stairs to deposit Henry in the crib next to Ginny in their bed. If Ron was right, Ginny would need to know. But she looked so peaceful, Harry simply couldn’t bring himself to disturb her. Not if this was to be the only good night’s sleep she’d have in a long time.

In the living room, Hermione was still standing, the big orange bag at her feet. Harry noticed that she trembled slightly as she pulled the wrinkled front page of the Daily Prophet from her coat pocket.

It was this morning’s early edition. The headline read: ‘Phantom Serpent Seen Across Country’ with a related article, ‘Mysterious Reptilian Transfigurations Baffle Ministry’.

Hermione stared at him with wild, bloodshot eyes. ‘He’s back, Harry,’ she whispered hoarsely. ‘God help us, he’s back!’

‘Wha-? How?’

‘I don’t know, but he is. And… and...’ By now Hermione’s eyes were red and welling up alarmingly. ‘… he’s done something to Ron.’

Harry felt suddenly sick. Not Ron.

‘What’s happened?’

A sob escaped Hermione and she fumbled for a handkerchief. ‘Ron’s turned-‘

‘What?!’ exclaimed Harry. ‘Ron’s become a Death Eater? I don’t believe it.’

‘No no NO!’ cried Hermione. Harry caught a flash of the old impatience in her eyes. ‘You don’t understand.’

‘Okay.’ Harry took a deep breath, took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, steeling himself for the worst possible news about his best friend. ‘How…? Just…’

Pulling the wand from his back pocket, he gave a quick flick to the couch which shimmied across the room and stopped just behind Hermione’s trembling knees.

He motioned again for Hermione to sit, and this time she complied. As she did so she tucked the big orange bag containing the big orange box carefully beside her with a tortured expression.

‘Okay, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Just… take a deep breath and tell me exactly what happened.’

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
Has Ron turned into a Croc Birkin? LOL.

Gosh, I so need to go to bed NOW. This is no good for my beauuuuty sleeeep....