Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows RELEASE DATE

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on

    21 July 2007

    Its just ONE week after the release of the movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's the Scholastic link About Scholastic: News of the Press Release..
  2. J.K.Rowling's official website :wlae:
  3. I can't wait!! :yahoo: It's also pretty sad, knowing this will be the last book of the series...:crybaby:
  4. OMG Thanks so much for the info!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I am beyond excited!!!!
  5. Yahoo! I so thought it was going to be 07-07-07, for the seventh book!
  6. I am SO excited for the book and the movie!! July is going to be an awesome month. I will be sad that the series is over though.. but at least we still have movie 6 and 7 to look forward to! Which 2 characters do you think will die? My guess is Voldemort and Hermione.
  7. I know dear :crybaby: I'm going to miss waiting excitedly for a HP release.. :crybaby:
    but lets talk about that later shall we?? hahaha.. WE HAVE ALL THIS TIME TO WAIT + LETS BE HAPPY!!!!

    Cheer Up icechampagne!!

    Your welcome angel2434 :yahoo:
  8. At least we're close to that date even though it would certainly be cool. Everyone keeps thinking that the movie will be on 07/07/07 but its NOT

    Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (movie): 13/07/07

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (final book): 21/07/07

    I keep on typing Half-Blood Prince by mistake :push:
  9. I LOVE HARRY! Can't wait.
  10. its funny that everytime we go into the bookstore they ask us if we want to pre order already!!!

    Its cool tho to release on 7/7/7!!!

    hope Harry is going to be ok :smile:
  11. Can't Wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I releases 7-21-07....I just thought it was hoing to be 7-7-7 ;)
  13. 2 characters?? *gulp*

    Hagrid + Voldemort

    Whats confusing me is that there's a possibility that Harry would die because JKR doesn't want any other authors to continue his sequel. :s
  14. :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae:


    One day before my b-day, meaning: I'll probably spend my birthday asleep as I've been reading HP7 cover to back the day before :graucho:
  15. :wlae: thanks for the info!

    hehe. it's one day after my bday...guess what i'm going to do? simpson's movie is coming out around then too...i smell a movie-a-thon. :sneaky: