Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 --July 15


So Proud!!
Mar 30, 2008
I.CAN'T.WAIT!!!!! :woot::woot::woot:

We've watched Part I a few times since its DVD debut & I just got done re-reading the book. I'm excited about how they are going to explain & show the wandlore & other stuff!


Jun 24, 2008
I'm surprised you could have gone this long without reading any spoilers! Impressive.
So pumped for this movie! Though I know a lot of my favorite moments will be cut out, simply because I have so many and they have so much plot to tell. Still, so excited!
May 15, 2011
This hasn't been posted in in a while...but whatever, Harry Potter needs some love ;)

I am so so excited! We're only 2 months away!!! :biggrin:

I have been a bad fan for this movie and I haven't done my pre-movie re-read of all the books yet...I'm still on Sorcerers Stone.

(I am a HUGE Potter geek, it is my other love outside of fashion....I even run a fan site and have been invited to the past 2 premieres to interview the cast as well as some other fun events that I went to as press)
May 15, 2011
I should probably try to finish Sorcerer's Stone tonight, I only have a couple chapters left. Then I have to read about a book a week to finish in time for the premiere XD

Do any of you girls go to the premieres and stand in the crowd with other fans?