Harry Potter "adult" vs. "childrens" version -what's the diffrence?

  1. I've not read the Harry Potter books, but from all the fuzz around the release of the final HP book I assume they're worth reading. I've always thought they were childrens books, but from doing some searches on Amazon I've discovered that there is a "childrens version" and "adult version" of each book. What's the difference???
  2. AFAIK, it's only the cover design, etc that's more adult-like. The text is the same. It's for the HP fan who doesn't want to have a colorful children's book on his shelf :p
  3. The first time I read a Harry Potter book was when I was 17, after I was stuck in bed for a month due to a degenerating disc problem in my back. I didn't dare touch one before because I thought they were children's books and I'd laugh at them etc. But after reading it I couldn't put them down and read the first 4 that month (I think 4 was all that was available at the time). They are very well written..wonderful stories. I loved imagining the characters and situations..LOVE the books! I hadn't seen the movies at the time and I have to say that the books are way better than the movies. I'm not letting my husband watch the movies because I want him to read the books first, its more fun to use your imagination..otherwise you'll just visualize the actors while reading. Harry's much cuter in my head than Daniel whats-his-name from the movie..hehe. I am not ashamed to admit I'm crazy about these books and I'd recommend them to any age:tup:
  4. I read the first one in college, because my mythology teacher made it part of the required reading.

    Her point was that Harry, like all the heroes in myths (no matter what origin) goes through everything a hero is supposed to go through.

    His is an archetypal hero's journey.

    That summer, I worked in Barnes & Noble when The Goblet of Fire was released and I worked the midnight release party. Leading up to that night I borrowed the other two books from the store so I can catch up.

    (Gradually, when I started getting paid, I bought the hardcover version of my college text, plus the other two).

    Then for my senior year of college, I wrote my senior thesis on what I had learned in my mythology class. Only this time, my thesis was that each individual book was an archetypal hero's journey in and of itself.
  5. I was totally the same way!!! I thought Harry Potter sounded stupid and then my friend told me to just try a few chapters from the fourth book over winter break. And then I got sucked in and read 1-4 that winter break and am now a loyal Harry Potter fan. :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. Ever since the first one came out, every teacher I have spoken to has expressed extreme gratitude and praise to Ms Rowling for single-handedly accomplishing what years and millions of dollars in programs could not do - get kids to read. And even more important and wizardly - get kids to LIKE reading.

    There are kids who learned to read from these books, who learned to read specifically so they could read them, and kids above whose little heads appeared that most magical of light bulbs - if the Harry Potter books are good, maybe some others are, too! :smile: