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  1. Since this is my first thread:yes:I have to share my experience with Hermes in London!:heart:
    When i walked in the Harrods store i couldn't believe how many exotic and birkins were hanging off the arms of some of the ladies!!! I was in shock!:wtf:
    So many exotics!!! It was amazing!
    Unfortunately..Didnt find my own birkin:shrugs: even though I kept trying and trying:shrugs:
    Has anyone been to London in the summer and witnessed this! Amazing! I must have seen 20 birkins and kellys in a couple of hours! No exaggeration!:woohoo:
  2. Wow! I love Harrods. I went in February 2006 I was in a hurry and didn't see any.
  3. I totally hear you... I wasn't in London in the summer but I was there last February, and I have to say there were A LOT of H sightings as well! And same goes in New York! There was one time I was on the shoes floor in Bergdorf on a week day afternoon, I've seen so many Birkins I completely lost count... A friend of mine who was with me was like it's almost like a uniform!
  4. I was at the Bergdorf shoes floor in February, at the chanel section, trying a pare of boots, a lady came over copliment my (cafe, riasen,not sure till today) GHD.35.birkin. she said,''I never see any combination this beautiful.'' I said thanks and noticed she also carry a birkin. I told her I like her birkin too. she certainly mad my day.

    next year I will visit my friend in UK, I am definitely be there,i mean the Harrods, just like to know how many birkin(S) that I am going to see.
  5. LOL xiao!!! It's true though! I was in NY last may for a couple of days and literally saw birkins and kellys every 10 feet, esp along 5th ave! :P
  6. It's raining birkins and kellys :yahoo:
  7. I was in London last June and yeah... saw several Birkins. More than I've seen back home!
  8. Always lots of Birkins in Harrods, you see quite a few in Harvey Nichols too.....although TBH I don't really like Harrods but that's because it's so far removed from how it used to be when I was a child when it felt truly magical. My favourite places for shopping at Harvey Nicks and Selfridges
  9. Harrods is always crowded! I was wearing my Kelly and had to practically push people out of the way for fear of scratching my beloved!
  10. Sounds wonderful thank you for writing about it :o)
  11. I agree with Mooks. Harrods is unpleasantly crouded, and confusing to boot. Love Selfridges though...I could esily spend all day there!

    Hermes sightings are pretty mundane here in London...particularly in certain places (Brompton Cross is another good "wildlife sighting" place).
  12. I saw two ostrich birkins in London in probably the same day (they were about the same colour too) and that was more than I've seen in a life time back home!!
  13. I am in London right now and on the day I arrived I went to Harrods and I was surprised and the number of people carrying Birkins.
  14. Yep, its not Harrods, more Knightsbridge area. I think Hermes mass produced the Birkins these last few years - perhaps too many!... London is the place to show and tell, ladies with their Birkins and guys with their Ferrari's and Bentley's all queueing for coffee at Ladurée.