harrods sale: worth the mad queues?

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! :balloon::party:

    pardon me if this sounds daft, but i've never been to the harrods sale (or any of the boxing day sales for that matter) before and was thinking of battling the crowds/queues this year for it. there's a harvey nics sale in manchester a day before too, which is just an hour's train ride for me. so my question is, is the harrods sale worth a 2.5 hour train ride, mad queues and a 53 pound train ticket? i'm primarily looking to see if i can pick up any bags from dior, chanel or mulberry, but i'm really clueless as to whether anything good would even be on sale, or if the discounts justify the long-distance travel for it. anyone reckons i should settle for harvey nics sale in manchester instead? (at least i know exactly what i want at harvey nics if i do go) or does anyone reckon it's still worth a shot going to harrods on the second day of sales when there's probably less crowds?

    could anyone please provide me with any insight or their experience of the sale at harrods, please?

    TIA! and have a good ole time for christmas & new year's! :heart:
  2. I've never been to the "big" Harrods sale but I'm going to go tomorrow - so if you decide to go, we can be shopping buddies! ;)

    The good thing about London is that you've also got the boutiques even if the Harrods sale doesn't work out. (There's also the Harvey Nics sale in London, and Selfridges, and John Lewis, although JL doesn't stock high end stuff...) I'll probably stop into the Mulberry boutique tomorrow (the one that's near the Ritz) at least, and maybe some of the other boutiques.

    I guess the question is... is the £53 for the train ticket going to be justified in the amount you'll save? ;)
  3. what day is the harvey nichols manchester sale?
  4. Hi tiny cat,
    are you going to be queueing up early for the Harrods sale? it's on the 28th (rather than tomorrow right)? and yup, you're right, i was thinking of heading to the boutiques if i can't find anything in harrods, i think mulberry is having a sale and i'm not sure, but i read somewhere that chanel is having a 30% sale? i'll probably go to the mulberry that's near harrods, along brompton street and maybe the chanel there too (the chanel at sloane street had horrible service when i was there last week).

    i guess you're right, i was thinking it'd be a waste of £53 if i don't find anything i fancy at the sales. it'd be £53 for a trip to get a box of krispy kreme! :roflmfao: but i'll take the gamble i guess, and head there on the second day (29th) instead, with the hope that there wouldn't be any mad crowds!

    thanks for the advice, and maybe i'll see you at harrods! ;)
  5. it starts on the 27th, up to 50% off the items (i doubt if it covers everything). it's the same day throughout all their stores except the one in edinburgh.
    here's the link:

    the selfridges in manchester has their sale starting today, but the range on sale is really limited (or at least, there's nothing that catches my eye)
    Selfridges & Co

    good luck with the sales!
  6. I was at the Harvey Nicks summer sale and remember seeing Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, and Marc Jacobs bags on sale. gl!!
  7. Hi I would say only come along if you didn't get what you want in Havery Nics, as sales in harrods are mad, once you are inside you have to queues separately for eg Gucci, Dior etc. I don't think Chanel sales starts till after New year .

    If I was you I will wait and see what you have got in Manchester before coming to London as the train fare is 56 pounds alone.

    Telegraph | Fashion | Sales directory

    I was at the Selfridge sale this morning, it was mad there must be between 500- 800 people waiting for the doors to open, specially for Gucci but really don't see why, as the 2 Gucci store will also start their sale tomorrow, and the queues ted to die down after 4pm.

    Good Luck in the sale.
  8. personally I would only go if you make an event of it - like going on a one-day trip - and you are not disappointed if nothing comes off it. My experience is that what goes on drastic sales is not what I want......:smile:. Having said that, you can always find a bargain.

    If you already know what you want at Harvey nics in Manchester go there and get it - most likely you will not find something more exciting in London (usually what happens - Murphy's law)

    I know it is lovely to go to the shops for the sales but why don't you check out the online sales like net-a-porter etc? Maybe they have something nice and you can save the money for the trip???

    Anyway, just an idea. Good luck and have fun
  9. Heh, you're right, I was thinking of the 28th - tomorrow a friend and I are hitting up Brent Cross (nothing great there except Karen Millen but she really wants to go!) and maybe Harvey Nicks, and then Harrods on Thursday.

    I didn't know about the Chanel sale!! Thanks for letting me know! I might just go, although I'm going to be in Canada in January and with the exchange rate it might just be cheaper to buy it there if I want anything. I might go to Mulberry to see if they've got a Jemma in-store as it's sold out on the website.

    The thing about the second day is that there aren't the mad crowds but all the really sought-after stuff might be gone, so it depends if what you're looking for is extremely popular or not, I guess. Though if you do come down you could always make it into an Event, like, go to the theatre and stay in a hotel... :yes:

    Maybe I'll see you out at Harrods - good luck! :yahoo:
  10. G lee & lara0112 - thanks for all the advice! i think you two are right, i'm better off going to the harvey nics sale (plus with selfridges just across, i could always just see if they have anything left that i might fancy. i just read on the dior subforum that some dior earrings were on sale at selfridges).

    and thank you G lee, for informing me about the chanel sale starting later. i didn't know that, it pretty much is going to save me a trip down to london!

    tiny cat - heh, good luck with the sales tomorrow & the day after! hopefully you'll get that jemma! i reckon you're right about it being cheaper in canada, i think the exchange rate & cheaper taxes (or rather, the lack of taxes/VAT) would make it cheaper to get a chanel in canada!

    well thanks to everyone for their input again! fingers crossed, i hope i manage to snag some things at the harvey nics in manchester first! :sweatdrop: