Harrods and shipping to the US! Duties?!

  1. Hi so i found out its INCREDIBLY cheaper to order a mcqueen scarf from the Harrods website. with currency conversion im saving roughly 60$. Im wondering though if i order will i have to pay duties or import taxes of such?
  2. Bump, is there anyone that can help? The scarf comes to roughly 217$ with everything. I've searched and read customs is billed to items that are valued 250 and up. Knowing that VAT will be deducted does this mean they charge the custom tax based on the price with the VAT? Or the 217?
  3. I've gotten bills from DHL for customs fees plus a charge for collecting it. The purchase was over 250 so I can't help with that one.
  4. I have ordered from Harrods and can say with certainty that there were no taxes/duties. :nogood:
  5. Just because one person received a package with no duty doesn't mean everyone will. In Canada, I've ordered from the same sites multiple times. Sometimes I get charged, sometimes I don't.
  6. Besides currency conversion, remember you'll usually get charged a Foreign Exchange Fee on your credit card, unless it is 0%.
  7. I know for Canada you are usually taxed much more stricter than the US though. still didn't take the gamble but hmm its tempting
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    Yeah it's ridiculous. I've been charged duty on a $20 tshirt from the US while a $200 Vivienne Westwood necklace from the UK slipped through.

    You should be OK if it's under $250 though. It's not so much the store you buy from but the method they ship (post office, UPS, FedEx, etc).
  9. In my experience (when selling) all packages sent from the UK are held at the US customs although I usually tend to mark it as a gift for my customers so they are exempt of duties etc usually. I would assume that if you were to purchase from Harrods, then you'd have to pay your local tax rate as well as duties on the final figure sold to you, so $217.
  10. in my experience anything that is shipped royal mail arrives USPS and I've never paid a duty... (both over and under $250)
  11. My cc charges a 3% foreign currency exchange fee.
  12. I know this thread is kind of old, but I was wondering if anyone had purchased an expensive handbag on harrods recently. Wondering what I should expect if I purchase a $2k+ bag in terms of duties, etc.
  13. I live in the UK, so can't claim back taxes, but I have a Harrods loyalty card with not many points on, which I can use when I shop there...
  14. Does VAT come into play here? When I was in Ireland most of my gifts had a Value Added Tax added onto the purchase price. However at the airport I showed my receipts at a registration desk, filled out the paperwork and the VAT was refunded to my credit card.
  15. BUMP!

    I'd like to purchase from Harrods, a longchamp le pliage backpack is $93 which is relatively cheaper, but will they charge me customs/duty etc.?