Feb 14, 2008
I posted a few bags last week. I posted in my listing no international shipping. In one of the listings I forgot to click on the box that said Us only or whatever and I didnt realize. I had a few bids and then realized someone did a bid retraction even though they were not the high bidder anymore and it was days after they bid so the price dropped dramatically. I then realized the 2 bidders were from Australia. I was unable to report the one bidder from canceling because it kept telling me I was trying to report someone elses item, some ebay glitch. I was able to cancel the listing because I had posted no international shipping but forgot to click the box. Before relisting I fixed the error and all week I have the 2 bidders that bid before plus another bidder from Australia harrassing me telling me to let them bid that they really have US addresses after they sent me messages asking if I will ship to Australia yet they were trying to scam me by retracting bids. What is the matter with people? They haven't threatened me but the amount of messages is ridiculous can I report them for that?
Sep 17, 2009
I don't know the rules about reporting potential buyers, but why don't you just block them? That should prevent them from bidding on your items, as well as communicating with you (assuming you have that option selected in your preferences).
Sep 17, 2009
I did block them but they are still messaging me. I don't even respond to them.
Make sure that you have that option selected. If you haven't done so, go to eBay - Account - Site Preferences - Buyer Requirements - Edit, then make sure you have the "Don't allow blocked buyers to contact me." box checked.

I'm not sure that this will work to block them since they have already messaged you, but if the message continues, I would give eBay a call and let them know that they are continually messaging you even though they don't meet your buyer requirements, and see if eBay can block them for you.


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Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
While I don't blame you for wanting to block bidders who are harassing you, I just want to comment some of my best buyers have been from Australia. I find them to be polite, fast payers and their postal system gets the items to them (in Oz) more quickly than packages get across the country!
Jul 31, 2009
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Sounds like the "two buyers" may be the same person and they are bid shielding - that's when one ID bids low and then uses another ID to bid very very high, to drive away other bidders ... then retracts the very high bid so you have to sell the item at a low price.

You should get on the phone with Ebay and point out the first auction and that you suspect bid shielding. It's not allowed. And also report the emails that are being sent to you.

You have the buyers blocked and the country blocked. That should protect you.