Harper's Bazaar: Personal Style

  1. In the July Bazaar, there's a great article on celebrity style titled, "Are You Too Old for This?" It's a well written and interesting piece about the 32 year old author whose style icons are those much younger than her. She goes on about all the current style icons, including 12 year old Dakota Fanning! Well, buried deep in the article is her great theory, which I'm sure many of you will appreciate:

    "I have a theory, though- it's all in the bags. These girls have so many of them, swinging them about in front of the Ivy and around the Fred Segal parking lot. Check out Rachel Bilson's and Mischa's Chanel totes (do they give them out on the OC set?), Ashley's tank-size Hermes Birkin, Mary-Kate's alligator Fendi and skull-bedecked Thomas Wylde, Hilary Duff's collection of Chloes, and everyone's Balenciagas. Nicole Richie grooves around L.A. with a gigantic black-and-white-striped gem I didn't even know existed."

    Just thought I'd share! I usually get Vogue, but picked HB up today, too. I recommend reading this article, it's great! I tried to find it to post it, but had no luck.. If anyone can find it, please post!