Harper's Bazaar March 2010- Hermes Bangle?

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  1. There appears to be a new bangle/bracelet being offered- it looks like just a cylinder of shiney color. Has anyone seen it irl? Prices?
  2. Just the photo in the magazine.
  3. If it's just a solid bracelet, I've only seen it in the magazines and they're $200! Pretty reasonable especially for Hermes!
  4. Here is a picture from the magazine

  5. You are right- the caption does say the cuffs are $200. They look kinda fun.
  6. What are they made of? :shrugs::thinking:They're so glossy.
  7. My SA told me about them a month ago, she said they are made of wood
  8. i've seen them in the H stores.. sadly too big for me.
  9. Here is another picture- apparently they come in different sizes and shapes:

  10. This is the picture I have (but don't know how to scan). I like them piled together.
  11. love the look.. and for Hermes what a great price
  12. I've seen them IRL. They are made of wood and very simple. High gloss varnish. Not sure I love them. Nothing special about them, but sometimes I'm a "late adopter". I always reserve the right to change my mind.
  13. Stacked bangles in bright vivid colors are always fun for the upcoming spring... though not so sure about the vanished wood...
  14. I would be a little concerned about the enamel gloss paint chipping esp. if worn stacked. I am sure they are well-made and hopefully Hermes took that into account in production.

    The vivid colors are really fresh for spring.