Harper's Bazaar magazine Mulberry feature.

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  1. I've just bought Harper's Bazaar magazine. Page 98 (or thereabouts, as none of the pages are numbered), features an item called 'Fresh Start' these are the words that follow the title. "It's what we've all been waiting for: introducing the first collection from Mulberry's new creative director Johnny Coca. Ultra-modern tailoring and bags to die for? Were sold." There's a model wearing a black dress, a white shirt down holding a bag I've yet to see on the M. website, it's in green python skin, and a lot of gold chains and zips, well they had to arrive eventually! The way the model is holding the bag really doesn't give you a really good view of it, but to my mind it doesn't look the near £2000.00 asking price for it. Has anyone else seen the feature I'd be really interested to hear what your views are. I for one found the whole page pretty dull and uninteresting and if I hadn't glanced down and read the subtitle, I'd have kept turning the page!
  2. Sorry, ladies the last two words of the article should have read 'We're sold'. I wasn't able to edit it for some reason and for the record, I'M NOT !
  3. I visited a fave public garden yesterday.
    Where knew an old, gnarled, hollow tree. For decades.
    I liked to wedge through a slot in the trunk, then stare up @ sky through hollowed top.
    Imagine I lived in tree home.
    Feel very small & chipmunk-like, in natural world.

    They renovated the garden.
    Removed tree.
    Put in modern, Italian-ish wrought iron bridge railings, stonework, hard benches.
    Paved the muddy paths, civilized formerly reedy ponds of yellow flags & turtles.

    I guess many like modern.
    Clean lines.
    Stamp it out, generic, like everyone else.
    Quick to fade, easy to replace.
    Not rocking the popular boat.

    But I despise it.
    And prefer chipmunking in a hollow tree.
    With my slouchy, leather scented, built to last classic mulb bag.
    Forgetting about modern world awhile.
  4. Ignore me, old article
  5. I simply love your posts Remains, truly poetic every time. Makes me feel in a better place when all around me is going AWOL!
  6. ♥
  7. Oh!! Reading this, I feel I can apply it to so many situations in life at the moment!! Thank you!