Harper's Bazaar - Balenciaga bags are unexpected classic

  1. I read Harper's Bazaar religiously because I think it's the best fashion magazine at the moment. In their Novermber issue they have an article called "In Praise of the Classics" (page 233), where they talk about classic everything - white shirts, jeans, Birkins, etc. Since some of the classics are "classic classics" - white button-downs, jeans, trench coats, pencil skirts, etc., others are "unexpected classics" and Balenciaga Lariat bags are one of them. The author describes how some trendy things become so huge that they turn into classics.

    I know this sounds silly but what are "Lariat" bags? :shame:

    But anyway, thought I'd share this with you...
  2. Excellent! I totally agree. The Balenciaga lariat bag is, indeed, a classic. Start perusing the Balenciaga handbag threads and you'll learn all about it!! Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Hi! I believe the Lariat is another name for the First, like Le Dix is. And I totally think these bags are classic :yes:
  4. I think lariat is another word for tassel.

    Ah, here we go:

    lar·i·at [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]/ˈlær[​IMG]i[​IMG]ət/Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[lar-ee-uh[​IMG]t]Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun 1.a long, noosed rope used to catch horses, cattle, or other livestock; lasso. 2.a rope used to picket grazing animals.
  5. Who is on the cover? I don't know if I have this issue yet!!!

    THe lariat bags are the ones w/ tassles!
  6. Jennifer Aniston is on the cover. This issue is awesome!
  7. Jennifer Aniston is on the cover !!
    I read this too and I was wondering the same thing !
  8. I also think lariat refers to tassels and the "lariat bags" to motorcycle bbags. But I may be wrong! "unexpected classics" - I like that!
  9. hmmm ... my mailman must not be done reading mine yet, lol ... I don't believe I have that yet ... thanks for the info.
  10. How cool! I totally agree. ;)
  11. agreed. i think the motorcycle is a classic. and harpers bazaar is one of the best fashion mag imo.
  12. now that's a good reason to get another "classic" bag.........:graucho:
  13. So nice to hear this from you!
  14. haaa.. couldnt agree more.. calling TBF now..
  15. I always scour the mags here for any wonderful Balenciaga news...Alas, there's not much...I am so happy to hear this...Yes, I too thought that Lariat was another name for the moto range / anything with a tassel...