Harper's Bazaar: A Fashionable Life

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    There is a very cool feature in the current incarntion of Harper's Bazaar -- a monthly profile on unique fashionable women / men and their favourite things for entertaining, style and personal care.

    A few of Gwen Stefani's favourite things include hubby Gavin Rossdale, her palatial Mediterranean-style home, clothes, shoes and clothes & shoes!

    Celebrity stylist and starvation enthusiast Rachel Zoe also gets in the game offering style wannabes a few basic tips on how to look fabulously hungry.

    Other fashionable folks feature include Vanessa Seward (Creative Director Azzarro), Virginie Viard (Director of Chanel's Creative Studio), Lauren Taschen (Events Manager, Art Basel), Veronica Hearst & Fabiola Beracasa (Philanthropist & Creative Director, Circa Jewels), Rossella Jardini (Creative Director, Moschino), Debi Mazar (Actress, Entourage), Matthew Williamson (Designer / Creative Director, Matthew Williamson & Pucci) and Camille Miceli (Jewelry Designer / Artistic Adviser, Louis Vuitton). Let me know if you wanna see any of their junk
  2. I love Gwen's style and her home looks so beautiful. She's got quite the closet. Rachel Zoe is a total starvation enthusiast, I find her questionable on all counts. I should have known these articles would be of interest on Purseforum :love: , all the ladies featured have such unique taste in clothing. I have some more that might be of interest here, the CEO of Juicy Couture, Kimora Lee Simmons (insane but great LV collection) and some others featuring loads of Birkins.
  3. Love gwens style!
  4. :wtf: @ zoe and richie's kissing pic
  5. I almost missed that!
  6. I wonder how much airbrushing they had to do to make rachel zoe look presentable? That woman's lifestyle has taken a serious toll on her skin!
  7. I love how Gwen Stefani indulges in her own L.A.M.B. line. :love: She stated that she loves the L.A.M.B. high heel jeans, hoodies, sneakers, tank tops, etc. Most celebs don't even wear their own clothing lines.
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: that's funny!
  9. I love Gwen. She's got a wonderful sense of style. Maybe not always but usually she looks great. Her house seems to be beautiful too, but it's hard to tell from the pics.
    About Rachel... well personally I don't like her. She doesn't look good, cause she's too thin (just like her clients), and she looks terribly old. I also hate the way her clients look, they dress awfully.
  10. I :heart: HEART:heart: RACHEL ZOE!
    She is so unbelievably stylish! She has such an amazing knowledge of fashion!
    IMO Rachel Zoe is FABULOUS!

  11. IMO, Rachel Zoe, Meth-Pusher to the Stars, is advocating an unhealthy lifestyle: Beauty at any cost. And yes, one can be too skinny.
  12. I really like gwen stefani.
  13. Gwen is one of my favs!

    Rachel Zoe is so yesterday... :rolleyes:
  14. I don't think it is fair to say that Rachel Zoe is responisble for what many of the skinny celebs today look like. Just because she influences their style does not mean she influences what they eat. Lets be honest, the rumor about her buying illegal drugs and distributing them amongst her clients is totally CRAZY. If there was any truth to the rumor it would have surely been investigated by the authororties.
  15. Prada's Meadow, which issue was the Harper's Bazaar? I couldn't find it in bookstore today. :shrugs: