Harmless Flirting?

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  1. What handbag designer are you currently "flirting" with. A designer bag you have never owned before, and you are so devoted to another designer that you feel guilty??? I went through this recently myself, I have completely converted to Mulberry, though I have been an LV girl for many years. ;) Do tell . . . .
  2. mombug....if you promise not to breath a word of this....I am stepping out on my collection of Koobas with a brand new love, Gustto Bacas.

    Yes, I admit, I cheated and you know what....

    it felt GOOD.

  3. I'm not currently going through this but I have in the past.

    I used to be a faithful & loyal Marc Jacobs fan. I NEVER bought any other bag. Sure, I looked - but when it came time to buy, it was ONLY MJ!!:heart:

    Well, about 2 yrs ago I broke down and bought a gently used Balenciaga bag - I was instantly hooked! Soon after, I bought another gently used on (a Seafoam Twiggy) and then I got daring & bought a brand new Black medium!! Soon after that, I discovered the Paddington & made that my "must-have" bag.

    2 yrs later, and my closet is now full of all kinds of designers - MJ, IF, Gustto, Gryson, Balenciaga, Chloe, Mulberry. A majority of my bags are still MJ, but I've learned to "share" my luv of handbags with other designers and the benefits have been great! (less back aches, more choices, softer leathers, etc).

    I will always have a special place in my heart for MJ (:heart::heart:) and I will always have at least a couple of his bags in my collection at all times!!!
  4. It's good to branch out......
  5. Though there are a few brands I like better than others, when it comes to bags I'm as loyal as a tomcat...whatever catches my eye when the funds are there..:graucho:
  6. I'm a loyal LV'er but I'm flirting with the idea of a Fendi spy.
    Only flirting though.....
  7. So loyal to BV that I felt guilty buying a pre-owned Balenciaga for a relative--I felt like I'd cheated on BV! For myself, I'm intrigued with Celine Bittersweet, but so far haven't done more than look and :drool:.
  8. I don't have more than one bag by any designer. I'm a bag slut.
  9. I've always been a Prada girl, but the last three bags I've bought have been Coach. Darn that outlet store!
  10. Ha ha! me too!
  11. Designer variety is a good thing. :yes:
  12. Oh, Yes! I love variety! But I do tend to gravitate more towards Michael Kors, when I look at all my bags.
  13. I'm a bag whore, too. No loyalties here.
  14. Too funny Mockinglee!!!!!:smile:
  15. Chloe...:yahoo: