Harlow Satchel

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  2. I am tempted; mainly because I need something small with a top handle. I just wish it came in black/oak in the small classic grain; not too keen on the croc leather or the pearl in the lock ring in those versions… the oxblood looks lovely as well; I even enquired from Mulberry about the colors but they could not tell me if it was coming in the classic colors. I wish they had more photos of the interior on their site as well.. but the style looks nicer than a lot of the other new styles they've released recently :smile:
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  3. I think it's beautiful and am very tempted. However I probably need something bigger right now...
  4. I LIKE THIS BAG, I want to love it so badly, but notable points that made me thinking are :

    - Lock mechanism is cool, but I think one hand operation to close is harder than to open it
    - It's accordion style, meaning once open (worn on shoulder) there's a feeling that something is coming off
    - The leather selection and the colour, as if I recall correctly there's some issue with burgundy grained leather.
    My store only brings 2 colours, burgundy and pink. Was actually waiting for the croc print stamp leather as I prefer it more (smoother treated leather, I am actually not really fan of grained leather), but will see
    - As the leather is almost a classic combination, less chance to have it at 50% off at the end of the year sale, which is when I usually bought my Mulberries.

    Tl;dr : love the daintiness of the hardware, and the elegant design. Will need to rethink whether to purchase it on end of season sale