Harley's Collection

  1. Finally here are my pics ...
    2007 Chanels.jpg bowler and cambon.jpg cabas.jpg Classics.jpg Tote.jpg
  2. and the rest
    don't know what this chanel is.jpg fun canvas.jpg reissues.jpg
  3. and finally..
    red chanels.jpg evening and small others.jpg
  4. wow...gorgeous!
  5. OMG! You have an AMAZING collection! You have everything from classics to trendy. I love the color of your cloudy bundle. is that what its called? i think, i just love it!
  6. what a great collection...so diversified! Btw, what color is your mc flap? is it black? It looks kind of bronze in the picture! :love:
  7. Amazing Collection! I esp love your Bordeux Reissue:love:
  8. Gorgeous collection!
  9. What a great collection! :love:
  10. amazing collection!!
  11. Gorgeous bags!!

  12. Yes it is a salmon colored cloudy bundle and has like almost pinkish bronze hardware.
  13. The pic with the classic flaps has a blue patent in the middle

    the pic I think you are talking about is actually a chocolate brown - the one next to the vinyl bordeux
  14. love your collection! you have all of the best bags!
  15. Thanks all!

    I wish i could really capture the details ...

    Chanels are just so gorgeous!!

    We are lucky gals!!