Harley's bag collection

  1. Finally got around to taking a picture ... here they are ....
  2. here it is ....
  3. Love them all you lucky girl, I have the same black chanel lambskin bag.
  4. nice collection! :smile:
  5. fabulous collection! you've got great taste.
  6. Very nice! I :love: the Chanels.
  7. I love the cerises coin purse, i have one too:biggrin: Great collection!
  8. Lovely collection. Cute LV denim.
  9. nice collection! those chanels in the back are gorgeous!
  10. Very nice! You've got a bit of everything!
  11. You have such a nice variety of bags!!!! THanks for posting pic!
  12. Cute denim mini pleaty!

    I've got a quick question - does the mini pleaty "sag" or lose its plump shape once I put stuff into it (eg, a book)?
  13. Very very nice collection!! Love your bags! Thanks for sharing pics!
  14. love the spy and the chanels, great collection!!
  15. Your collection is great!!! Love the denim baggy!!!