Harlequin and Coffer, too similar?

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  1. I am defo buying a Coffer sometime but right now all I have otherwise is a Harlequin, are they too similar d'you think? Should something come in between?
  2. Oh no!! I've had both bags at the same time and didn't find them at all alike. Loved them both equally! ;)
  3. no, not too similar
    I would like to do the same someday (I have the Harlequin)
  4. No, they're definitely not too similar! Both GORGEOUS bags! Have you thought about buying them in different colors at least?
  5. My Harlequin is blue and at least I'm not too keen on the blue Coffer. They always end up having totally different colours in store than anywhere online. Last time I was in store there was a burgundy metallic coffer that was TDF.
  6. I have the burgundy metallic harlequin and a black coffer.. I :heart: both..
  7. I also think they are different but would chose the coffer over the two