hardwares of F/W 2007 bags: what are they made of?

  1. as i am sitting here thinking about how to care for my bags and my most recent acquisition, i am thinking, we should know our material before we can even begin to ponder how we are going to care for them.


    anyone know what the hardwares are made of? silver? stainless steel? chrome?

    anybody has very smart and on the ball SA they can ask?

    thank you!!
  2. My marginally educated guess would be plated brass. :shrugs:
  3. Bagpunk... I was wondering that too. I mean.. what if the hardware gets that dull old look... I will die!! I will ask my SA at Prada next time I go and see if I can find out for you. :tup:
  4. thanks for your responses ladies and i can't wait to find out. what got me thinking was that when i left the bag hanging on a cream cotton chair, the handles left black marks all over. that reminded me of silver. but i could be wrong. because silver will tarnish no?